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Monday, March 1, 2021
Eindhoven News 10 years anniversary
Summa online information

Summa students to help elderly with smartphones

Local MBO students will assist the elderly in learning how to use smartphones, tablets, and computers as part of a new project organised by...

Korean company places €3.6 billion order at ASML

SK Hynix, a South Korean semiconductor manufacturer, has placed an order worth €3.6 billion at ASML. The order is for so-called EUV chip machines, some...

Weekend Tips from Yvette

It's the weekend in Eindhoven but where could you go to? There are some nice events in Eindhoven that you can visit online. You...
fire, riots

Eindhoven riots: prison sentences of up to 8 months

Multiple suspects in the riots received their prison sentences on Wednesday afternoon. Besides, they have to pay compensation for the damage incurred during the...
Market, Eindhoven

Vendors irate about non-food ban

At the Eindhoven markets, only food stands are welcome due to the anti-COID-19 restrictions. On Tuesday, eight political parties submitted a motion to allow more...
The Foodgallery, Eindhoven,, lockdown

Eindhoven’s restauranteurs are feeling hopelesss

Acting Prime Minister Rutte held a press conference last night. But he didn't provide the floundering hospitality industry with even a shred of hope. Some...

Daily Local News For Internationals In Eindhoven

Discover nature in the city: late-winter treasures

The past week’s snowy days were great to look for animal tracks in the snow: tiny robins' hoping footprints, walking trails of magpies and...