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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Eindhoven News 10 years anniversary

An unofficial DAF museum

From the garden to the attic, Ad Verschuuren's house in Tongelre is full of the most diverse DAF items. His father worked at the DAF...

This show must go on, despite stricter COVID-19 rules

Parktheater held a comedy evening on Tuesday. That's despite the stricter anti-corona measures. The three comedians performed alternately in three halls, instead of together in...
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Carnival without usual kick-off party

Next year's Carnival won't start in the usual way. The regional media group, Omroep Brabant, has decided not to start Eindhoven's Carnaval 2021 with the...

Now it’s easier for the blind to use smartphones

A controller that helps the blind and visually impaired better use a smartphone properly. That's what the Eindhoven start-up, Hable, has invented. This device  -...

Cinemas can bend new COVID-19 rules

There's already an exception to the earlier closing times for restaurants and nightclubs.  Cinemas may finish screenings that started before 22:00 at 01:00, at the...

Museum calling on female artists

The Van Abbe Museum is looking for female artists and projects that are eligible for the Theodora Niemeijer Prize. The Theodora Niemeijer Prize is an...

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Humans in the digitalised age

 Humans in the digitalised age: threat or opportunity? What shall we do when machines replace people’s jobs? The debate has been around for a while,...
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