About Us


Providing local news and background articles in English for internationals in Eindhoven.

Core activity

By providing news, events and opinion articles in English for the international community of Eindhoven we hope internationals feel informed, at home, welcome and connected to Eindhoven (South Netherlands). The news is about Eindhoven and surroundings and we publish also a selection of events suitable for non-Dutch speakers. By being informed about your area we hope foreigners can take a more active part in society.

Eindhoven News also provides a voice for the whole international community. Here we can share our views. We like to be an intermediate in communication and update of regional information in the international community of this region. Our news you can find on line on www.eindhovennews.com  and you can find us on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter. We are a team of enthusiastic international people who daily are making the best effort to make sure our readers stay informed.