Through Eindhoven News we (Stichting International Platform Eindhoven) aim to keep international residents of Eindhoven and its surroundings informed about current affairs and everyday life in the Brainport region.


For a great part we do this by providing up-to-date local news through Eindhoven News website and Eindhoven News social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter).

On this website you can find also upcoming, expat-friendly events on the Events page.

We also feature Opinion articles, in which local expat writers share their views and experiences and for example international organisations showcase their activities.


We believe that providing news and information through Eindhoven News can benefit the integration process and help resident internationals and newcomers alike to feel at home here. This service bridges the gap so that internationals feel more included and connected with colleagues, fellow students, and neighbours. Furthermore, we aim to be a platform where internationals – individuals, companies, authorities, groups, and other organisations – can meet to share news, experiences and information.

Moreover knowledge and understanding about the local population and customs increases.


A major tech and industrial design hub, Eindhoven is a busy and lively city with a lot to offer. Its green landscape, optimal living and working conditions, safe environment, and kind-hearted locals make it an ideal place to settle. We enjoy sharing our positive but objective outlook with our readers, and invite all internationals to voice their opinion too.


We hope this sharing of information can help foster better mutual understanding across all nationalities (Dutch included). We aim to contribute to an improved atmosphere throughout the city.


Eindhoven News: The VOICE of International Eindhoven.