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Thursday, July 16, 2020
Eindhoven News 10 years anniversary

TU/e makes mini water-cleaning robot

Researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) have developed a small plastic robot that cleans water and transports cells. A coral polyp inspired the...
High Tech Campus

4.4 mill invested in medical company

Sirius Medical Systems, a company specialising in medical technology, will receive an investment of €4.4 million. The company’s located on the High Tech Campus. The...
students, expenses

Tablet helps students track expenses

Since last week, some local students found it easier to track their communal expenses. A tablet with smart software will be hanging on the wall...
drugs, post, package

Technology might help in the war against drugs

The sale of illegal drugs is big business. So far, this year, people across the world have spent more than $200 billion (€177 billion+)...
Eindhoven Techies measure 1.5 metre distance

Young Eindhoven techies test with homemade corona rangefinder

60 children from different districts of Eindhoven will test the 1.5 meters distance with a homemade corona rangefinder. They'll try this on Tuesday 7 July, near...
Eindhoven first big city with fibre optics for all

Eindhoven to be first big city with fibre optics for all

99.7% of households and businesses in Eindhoven will soon have access to glass fibre connection. From September 2020, Primevest Capital Partners will install fibre...

35 million for photonics company

Eindhoven's Smart Photonics can expect a substantial investment of no less than €35,000,000. The company, which has been located on the High Tech Campus since...
High Tech Campus

Eindhoven campuses want at least 100 million

The TU/e Campus and the High Tech Campus argue for a national contribution of at least 100 million for campuses and science parks in...
Smart Photonics

Mega investment to keep Smart Photonics in the Netherlands

An investment of €35,000,000 in photonica chip producer Smart Photonics was made to keep the company out of foreign hands. Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for...
Train travel

Intercity from Eindhoven to Aachen from 2025?

A direct intercity connection between Eindhoven and Aachen seems possible. If everything goes well, the NS believes the new international intercity will be able...

Vice Mayor Thijs: “Paint the city green”

Rik Thijs, Vice Mayor, Eindhoven, handles the energy, sustainability, public spaces and climate change portfolios. This June, Thijs finished his first year...