Image16Advertising through Eindhoven News is advertising where you specifically reach your international target audience in the larger Eindhoven area.

Eindhoven News is a unique media platform in the South of the Netherlands; the only independent DAILY newspaper in English, available to everybody (publicly online) and read by all nationalities. It is the only English language source in this area with updated news items every day, events, opinion and information articles which attracts a lot of readers. It is the main source of news for all internationals in and far around Eindhoven.

We have our Eindhoven News website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account to use as channels to spread your message to your target group.

On the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven all our news is shown on the public screens around the campus.


 Daily viewed by our visitors

Image14We maintain interactive communication with our readers through our international network and via our social media channels we have the possibility to emphasize certain messages.

Weekly, around 4000 (and growing fast) English-speaking readers are following the latest news, events and opinion articles on the Eindhoven News internet site. Our Facebook page gets new likes every day adding to a total of more than 1500 followers (to date). All our news messages are spread via Twitter #EindhovenNews_ and specific articles are shared through LinkedIn.

When you like to get in touch with international (greater) Eindhoven, Eindhoven News is THE channel to use.



Why cooperate with Eindhoven News?

  • Your message is viewed by an international audience
  • We are the main public news source in English in the region
  • Eindhoven News is impartial
  • Viewers live in the neighbourhood
  • Cross-media advertising and PR through partners possible
  • DAILY returning readers
  • Efficient and effective for international (-oriented) organisations
  • Sustainable relationship building with target audience
  • Tailor-made options (advertorials, advertisements, informative articles, video ads)
  • (Interactive) access to an international network and international social groups
  • You are supporting a very good cause


Banners and ContentImage10

You can advertise and promote yourself on the website in different banner formats, on the sidebar in 125 x 125 or 300 x 250, and on the frontpage in banners of 1280 x 200 or large advertisements of 1280 x 720.

There is also the possibility of publishing an advertorial or feature in combination with advertisements, where we can write down your story about your company, event or organization. Publishing about your event is especially interesting, since we can announce and write about it beforehand, cover the event live and make a report about it afterwards.

We can also place your add/feature on our Sport, Business, Lifestyle or Technology page, to fit your discipline.

We would be delighted to tell you more about all the advertising and PR possibilities for your company or organisation. Contact us by sending an email to:

Your advertisement here.