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Evoluon open to general public again: ‘I remember it from the old days’

The Evoluon is open to the general public again. After more than 30 years, the iconic Eindhoven ufo is once again hosting a major...

Ode to rock ‘n’ roll in the Effenaar

The latest theater production, an ode to rock-n-roll legends Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly, will be opening on Sunday at the Effenaar.  Co-creator...

Win free tickets to Maker Faire Eindhoven

Eindhoven News and Maker Faire Eindhoven have a collaboration that promotes scientific innovation and creativity in the region. Wherever Eindhoven News goes, it takes...

New Eindhoven Mayor admires the international vibe of the city

The new Mayor Dijsselbloem assumed office this Tuesday and he appreciates the international vibe of Eindhoven. Jeroen Dijselbloem who was born in Eindhoven and...
nuenen 200 years celebration

Nuenen celebrates 200th anniversary

Big party in Nuenen this weekend. The village will then celebrate its bicentenary. The event was actually planned for last year, but was postponed...

Brabantsedag jury and how the spectators can vote too

As a spectator of the Brabantsedag theatre parade, it is a pleasure every year to see the floats and the play of the sixteen...

Ron has been taking photos at KinderVakantieWeek for 9 years

Children are surprised with a show by a fire breather at the fairytale kickoff of the tenth edition of the KinderVakantieWeek (children's holiday activities...
animal shelter open day

Animal shelter received 100 kittens and organises introduction day

ROZE foundation, which deals with the shelter of stray animals in the Eindhoven region, is organising an opportunity for animal lovers on Saturday to...

Catharina Hospital organizes taste test for chemo patients

Hardly taste anything or feel nauseous when you smell food? These are some of the side effects that chemotherapy patients have to contend with. In August...

WIN FREE TICKETS to the Brabanstedag, Heeze – August 28th, 2022.

The Brabantsedag (Brabant Day) is a unique concept parade in Brabant, the Netherlands, every year on the last Sunday of August. This theatrical parade through the...


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