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Eindhoven’s first woman on Philips’ board

Charlotte Hanneman (45) will become the new CFO (chief financial officer) at Philips. She is the first woman on the company’s board and is originally from Eindhoven, the old base of the technology group.

She takes over from Abhijit Bhattacharya, who is retiring. His successor comes from outside the company. Although the new CFO has not previously worked at Philips, she has more than twenty years of experience in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries.


Hanneman was born in Eindhoven and attended primary school in Valkenswaard. She studied in Maastricht and then attended Harvard University for a short time, the ED reports.

In a press release, Philips CEO Roy Jakobs said he was pleased with Hanneman’s arrival: “This is an exciting time for Charlotte to join Philips. Her extensive financial experience, combined with her energy and passion for the healthcare industry, make her ideal for the role.”


Her new role at Philips will start on October 1. “I look forward to joining the team to increase impact and drive forward plans for the future,” said Hanneman.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

Anniek named best junior pancake baker

Eindhoven’s Anniek Verbunt has won the title of ‘Best Junior Pancake Baker in the Netherlands’. Under the watchful eye of a jury, the 9-year-old defeated two other candidates in the final.

The jury consisted of six grandfathers and grandmothers during the final in Veenendaal. These gourmets were unanimous after the final battle, in which the three finalists had to show what they had to offer. “Anniek is the ideal junior pancake baker. The skills to bake the tastiest, round pancakes and peace and concentration behind the stove. She is also an expert at baking the ‘normal’ pancake and her special pancake with marinated apples and raisins. ”

Starting signal

With the title in her pocket, Anniek can now give the starting signal for the national pancake festival next week, together with the TV baker Cas Wolters, which will take place at her own school, De Achtbaan in Eindhoven. On that day, around 85,000 students from primary schools throughout the country will work for the elderly. More than 1,700 schools are expected to participate.

The competition and the national day are an initiative of the companies Tefal, Blueband and Koopmans.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

Viaduct named after deceased Eindhoven soldier

A viaduct between Eindhoven and Son en Breugel, near Ekkersrijt, has been given a new name. It is a tribute to the Eindhoven soldier Paul van Nijnatten, who died during a peace mission in the former Yugoslavia.

On Wednesday the viaduct was named after him. This happened with an official ceremony at the Eindhoven city hall, in the presence of relatives and veterans. Representatives from The Hague were also present. The bridge is now called ‘Soldier of the 1st class Paul van Nijnatten’.


“I am proud that from now on there is a place in our city that connects Paul to Eindhoven and keeps his memory alive for us forever,” said Mayor Jeroen Dijsselbloem during the ceremony. The naming is part of a national initiative, at the request of the 75 Years of Freedom Coordination Foundation. Scattered across the country, more bridges and viaducts are being named after fallen soldiers. These are people who died during their efforts in peace missions, from the UN mission in Korea in the 1950s.


Paul van Nijnatten was born in 1966 in Eindhoven. He signed up for a posting to Bosnia in the 1990s. There he was active during the UN peace mission UNPROFOR. He was killed when a gun fell on the floor in a waiting room and a shot went off.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

International Theatre Collective on stage with Festen

International Theatre Collective Eindhoven will be back early this spring with the theatre adaptation of ‘Festen’. The international cast can be seen in Pand P in Eindhoven between March 16 and 23.

Festen (Danish for The Party) is originally a 1998 Danish film directed by Thomas Vinterberg. David Eldridge’s theatre adaptation dates back to 2004, but is still extremely current. Festen is about transgressive behavior and how a society deals with that. It tells a story of perpetrators, victims and bystanders who don’t know what to do, and therefore do nothing.

International Theatre Collective Eindhoven (ITCE) makes theatre productions for an international audience. The topics of the plays match with current themes that are recognizable for both internationals and locals.
“The diversity of the international community is seen as a source of wealth for developing plays. Cast and crew bring their cultural background and stories which contribute to the content, development, and design of the productions.

The New Continent

With their previous performance ‘The New Continent’- also fully English spoken – they made quite an impression. Twenty local and international talents showed their worth on stage in a performance that beautifully reflected the polarisation during the corona pandemic.

Ahead of the Festen performance, an Active Bystander Workshop will also be organised on Sunday 3 March, in collaboration with Eindhoven Library and Fairspace.

More information about the English-language performance dates and prices can be found on the Pand P website or at the ITC Eindhoven website.

For Mina d’n Urste, sums are now number one again

Lampegat’s (Eindhoven) first city princess has resumed her regular duties as a tutor, but looks back on the special 2024 Carnaval period with satisfaction.

City Carnaval Princess Mina d’n Urste (the first) is again called Rosa van den Nieuwenhof. She no longer waves the scepter over Lampegat but tutors Syrian boy Omar. During carnival, she took over from Mayor Dijsselbloem for four days. She visited nursing homes, schools, knighted a sick carnival-goer and saw everywhere she went “people’s eyes twinkle”.

She also paid the school of her tutor-pupil an official visit with her entire entourage of volunteers. Omar: “I was very proud. But also a little shy. Everyone came up to me and said: well done man”.

Fun was number one during those four days when Mina d’n Urste waved the scepter over Lampegat. Too bad for Omar: now the priorities are different again. After all, for tutor Rosa, sums are just as important.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

Will 9 year old Anniek become best pancake baker?

Nine-year-old Anniek Verbunt of elementary school De Achtbaan is a finalist in the competition for best junior pancake baker in the Netherlands.

Today, Wednesday afternoon, 28 February, she competes against Eline from Driebergen-Rijsenburg and Thijn from Utrecht for the coveted title. The participants will bake their pancakes in front of a jury of connoisseurs. Anniek thinks she can convince them: “With my special apple pie pancake I’m going to make something different from the rest”.

Aniek always makes sure the edges of her pancakes don’t get too dark and her secret ingredient is a pinch of salt. The kitchen princess is all set for the competition. “The past few weeks I’ve been practicing so much that we’ve been eating pancakes a lot”, she smiles.

She is excited to compete but losing is not a problem for her. “I’m at least number three in the Netherlands and I’m already proud of that. I don’t necessarily need to win”.

For those who have not yet read enough about the typical Dutch dish, here is another fun fact: Friday, 8 March, is Nationale Pannenkoekdag (national pancake day).

For more information (in Dutch): Pannenkoekdag

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

Ronald McDonald (Open) House Veldhoven


Perhaps not everyone knows what the Ronald McDonald houses offer. Their slogan is “Keeping families close”. This means that parents can stay close to the hospital where their very sick children are. The sick child’s siblings can also stay over so the family can be together. On Wednesday February 28, the Veldhoven RMDH has an ‘Open House’. Visitors are welcome to see the facilities and sample the coffee.

Ronald McDonald Houses provide affordable bedsit rooms, a communal kitchen and laundry facilities. They are always close to hospitals with specialised care. Situations may vary: premature births, operations, cancer treatment, children in intensive care. RMDH Veldhoven is one of the eleven houses in The Netherlands where parents can stay at a stone’s throw from their child. Maxima Medical Centre in Veldhoven is one of ten hospitals with an NICU – a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Bambi belt

A premature baby wearing the ‘Bambi Belt’. Picture Courtesy: MMC

Recently, the hospital introduced a novelty, the ‘bambi belt’. It is a wireless band around the baby’s abdomen, which replaces the traditional spot electrodes that measure heart action and breathing. Currently, electrodes are attached to the delicate skin of a premature baby. This causes skin irritation, can be painful and disrupts the baby’s sleep.  The Bambi Belt also make it easier for parents to remove their child from the incubator to cuddle.

Royal visit

Whether this innovation is the reason King Willem Alexander is paying the Maxima MC a visit is unclear. It is certain, however, that a royal visit has been planned for Wednesday 28th. The King will be given a tour round the hospital and speak with doctors, staff, and parents of premature babies.


McDonalds founded the charity through which the RMD houses can operate. Worldwide, there are now over 380, eleven of which are situated in The Netherlands. However. McDonalds are not the only sponsors. Many companies and individuals support the RMDH with money, goods, or labour. Because the RMD houses depend entirely on charity, such help is the only way in which they can continue to offer their service to families.

Keeping families close


Visitors are welcome in Huis Zuidoost-Brabant on Wednesday 28 February from 10.30-16.00 The address: De Run 4604 in Veldhoven.

Source: RMDH Website not (yet) in English

Written by: Greta




Pile of flowers growing for migrant Uldis

The pile of flowers is growing at Uldis’ regular spot on Klein Tongelreplein. Many people want to pay their last respects to the beloved migrant, who died last week after surgery.

Right opposite the entrance to the Albert Heijn with his back against the apartment complex, that was Uldis’ regular spot. This way he could greet all visitors who came out of the supermarket. “Hey girl” he would shout. Or he looked after the dog when the owner went shopping.

People regularly left him something tasty to eat or drink. Or had a chat with the popular man who originally came from Latvia. He didn’t speak Dutch but seemed to understand almost everything. When his legs had to be amputated three years ago, Tongelre held a successful fundraising campaign for an electric wheelchair.

Last honor

Now that Uldis’ wheelchair has disappeared for good, a memorial place has been spontaneously set up on the stones. A photo of Uldis with a friendly smile, a candle and a large mountain of flowers. It grows every day: many residents pay their last respects to the positive migrant with the amputated legs.

Uldis will soon have a municipal funeral. Although he has indicated that he ‘does not want to go into the fire’, it is still unclear whether it will be a funeral or a cremation. The service also has a private nature: only three or four people can be present.


Uldis was so inspiring to many residents in Tongelre with his sunny character that he deserves a statue, says a lady passing by with a full shopping bag. And it is not unthinkable when you look at the many bunches of flowers. Who knows, maybe this will be a final fundraising project for Uldis after the electric wheelchair.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

King to visit MMC in Veldhoven

King Willem-Alexander will visit the Máxima Medical Centre in Veldhoven next Wednesday. Here he will be updated about innovations in healthcare.

The king will be given a tour of the hospital. Specifically, talks at the hospital will focus on cooperation in the region and how healthcare innovations are being implemented.


He intends to discuss with doctors and nurses the new developments concerning preterm babies. Parents of a premature baby will also share their experiences with Willem-Alexander.

Máxima Medisch Centrum (MMC) employs 3,500 healthcare workers and researchers.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

Klompengat musicians share their music throughout pubs in Best

No one who was in Klompengat could ignore it. The trumpets, saxophones and drums could be heard throughout the village. “We have eleven mop bands* that will make music in all cafes throughout Best.”

Of course you need a musical instrument for that. “I play the saxophone, but I just dumped it in someone’s hand to have a drink. That is very important here.”

It’s not just mopping* that is popular. “We had sausage bread and beer, so the day couldn’t be better,” says another musician. And there is something else to celebrate. “One of our members gave birth last night. She danced on Friday and Saturday, did not drink alcohol and now she has a child.” So who knows, he or she might participate in Klompengat in the future.

*No mops involved. A mop band (dweilorkest) is a traditional carnival band moving from pub to pub to play typical carnival music. The name may come from the swerving course these beer loving bands take. (Info added by EN editor)


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez


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