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Departure of Design Academy increasingly likely

It is becoming increasingly likely that Design Academy will leave Eindhoven. The world-famous design school may move to Roermond.

There would currently be no place for Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) in Eindhoven and the municipality does not seem to be interested in a major investment.

At the beginning of April, the Municipality of Eindhoven announced that it wanted to fund a move of the course to Microlab. But as it looks now, Microlab at Strijp-S is not as attractive as expected. The amount that the municipality wanted to invest in the move: €4.000,000, would be far too little. Microlab is also said to be in poor condition and does not meet DAE’s wishes. Sources in and around Design Academy tell Studio040 this.

In addition, there is the problem of student housing. It would be a thorn in the side of the academy that design students are often homeless at the start of their studies. While TU/e ​​received some help in that context, for example with housing at the former Philips headquarters and the construction of two residential towers on its campus, DAE saw such support lagging behind and that would sting.

Two and a half years

Design Academy Eindhoven and the municipality seem to have different ideas about the efforts required for a longer stay of the prestigious design school in the city. Moreover, that problem has been in the air for about two and a half years: that is how long the municipality and academy have been discussing a new location for the training. There are serious concerns from and around the academy about a possible move to Roermond.


Design breeding ground Residency for the People is organising a benefit evening on Friday evening in an attempt to raise money to keep the DAE in Eindhoven for longer. Lucas Maassen organises the evening. In addition to being the operator of the creative breeding ground, he also teaches at DAE.

End of design city

“DAE does not give much publicity to the developments”, Maassen says. “But the municipality will not give the academy a different location than it currently has. It is close to my heart, because I come from Eindhoven myself, I am a designer, and I think that the entire design ecosystem in the city will be at risk when Design Academy leaves”.

“The Dutch Design Week largely revolves around the graduation projects of DAE students. This guarantees the quality of that week. It is also the only non-commercial design event worldwide, which makes it unique. I don’t think it can take place in Eindhoven if Design Academy is no longer located in Eindhoven”.


“The search for accommodation has been going on for two and a half years and Design Academy has not been able to reach an agreement with the municipality for a long time”,  well-known designer Kiki van Eijk, also a teacher at the academy, says. “A decision must be made before the summer and from what I hear, the parties are not yet getting closer. I think they are really seriously considering moving to Roermond”.


And that is an incomprehensible situation, Van Eijk thinks. “The lease in Witte Dame ends next year. In addition, €4.000,000 was far too little to move into Microlab, the renovation that that building needed turned out to be much larger – there turned out to be too many snags”.

Eindhoven’s top designer Piet Hein Eek, who studied at Design Academy, was recently forced to write a letter explaining the state of affairs to important parties in the city. Eek, who has his workshop and shop in Eindhoven, does not see the move happening so quickly.


“It makes much more sense to sit down together. I don’t think the negotiations have been conducted by the right people in recent years. The importance of the academy has not been sufficiently recognised and there has been insufficient ability to get closer to each other, on both sides of the table”, Eek says.

“But I do think that it has now been realised that Design Academy and Eindhoven are extremely important to each other. To illustrate: I have many DAE students working for me. DAE is the linchpin in the city’s design ecosystem,” Eek says.

DAE response

Design Academy informs Studio040 that a decision will be made before the summer, and that a longer stay in Eindhoven seems far away at the moment. There is no mention of a move to Roermond. “Although it is our absolute preference to stay in Eindhoven, there are no feasible options on the table at the moment”.

“Our constructive conversation with the Municipality of Eindhoven, which started more than two years ago, continues and we strongly hope that this will lead to a positive solution in the coming weeks. As a precaution, alternatives are being investigated elsewhere to prevent DAE from being left without housing”, a spokesperson for DAE said.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

Eindhoven presents new plans for Wilhelminaplein

On Wednesday evening the municipality presented a detailed design of the square to residents around Wilhelminaplein. Wilhelminaplein must become greener, with less car traffic and more bicycle parking spaces.

The makeover is part of the plan to make the entire city centre more attractive. “The redesign of Wilhelminaplein turns the square into a pleasant, green destination in the city,” can be read on the municipality’s website. “Local residents and visitors can sit outside, somewhere on the square or on one of the cosy terraces, or visit an event.”


The municipality has asked residents to get involved with the project design. Local residents voiced their concerns and criticism; one thought that the square would become more of a park with all those trees, while another was afraid that the new design would no longer accommodate the carnival tent or large-scale events.

According to the municipality, all this has been taken into account in the detailed plan. There remains plenty of space for events. Furthermore, traffic on the square is limited to local traffic. Parking on the square is only allowed for permit holders. The road between Heilige Geeststraat and Prins Hendrikstraat will be closed to make it safer and more pleasant to sit on the terrace. Furthermore, the number of places where visitors can park their bicycles will be significantly expanded.

Much needed shade

Or will the square turn into a park? The municipality says no. However, there will be much-needed shade on the traditionally sweltering square. “Permanent green areas with trees in the open ground provide a nice place to stay on hot days. They also limit the risk of flooding due to extreme peak rainfall.”

According to the municipality, the single-storey design of the square accentuates the ‘beautiful historic facades that frame the square’. The artwork ‘Caged Freedom’ will also be given a place on the square where it should be shown off to its best advantage. It will become clear in the near future whether the criticism has died down and the concerns of those involved have been addressed.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

PSV championship party costs almost €500,000

The championship celebration and PSV celebration in the city centre of Eindhoven cost a total of €460,000. The municipality covers more than half of these costs.

The municipality contributes more than €275,000. The rest of the costs are for catering entrepreneurs and PSV.

Safety measures and stage

The money went towards safety measures, the costs of the tour with the flat cart through the city centre and the ceremony on Stadhuisplein. For example, on Sunday and Monday a stage had to be built and decorated and various artists performed, such as singer Guus Meeuwis. Large screens were also placed in various squares.

“The PSV championship party is for everyone in the city and for everyone who loves PSV. The municipality and PSV offer this together”, the Mayor and Aldermen wrote in a response.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

Veldhoven neighbours win €1.000.000 together

Celebration in Copernicushof in Veldhoven. Residents of that street have together won €1.000,000 in the Postcode Loterij (postal code lottery). “Now we can go on a wonderful holiday to Mallorca with the children. And buy a new car!”, winners Gidi and Carolien say.

The money is divided among the five participants on the street. They receive amounts between €100,000 and €300,000, depending on the number of lottery tickets they play. In the case of Tiny and Mary, this means that they can credit €200,000 to their bank account. “We are moving soon. A lot still needs to be done in the new house. With this fantastic amount we will purchase a new bathroom, carpeting and a new cupboard”.

Neighbours Suzanne and Niels also already know what they are going to do with their money. “We have been renovating for 2.5 years. Fortunately, we are almost done. There are still a few small things that need to be done, such as renovating the stairs and new window coverings. We can achieve that nicely with this amount. It really is the icing on the cake!”

Not the first time

It is the second time in a few months that a Postcode Loterij win lands in Veldhoven. In October, residents of De Huysacker could share €1.000,000.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

Entrepreneur and rally driver Jan de Rooy passed away

Jan de Rooy has passed away. The former rally driver, winner of the Dakar Rally and transport entrepreneur, died on Tuesday at the age of 80.

“After a very short illness, our dad, husband and grandfather passed away peacefully and was reunited with our great love, Annie. He has dedicated 65 years to his transport company De Rooy, which celebrated its centenary last year”, the family business said in a response.

The Eindhoven region has lost one of its most notable transport entrepreneurs. Jan de Rooy was born in Eindhoven on 19 February, 1943. His father Graad had been running the transport company for years, which Jan, then 22 years old, took over in 1965. He had fourteen trucks at the time, which eventually became four hundred. His brother Harry also entered the transport world and started De Rooy Logistics, which still transports parts for the DAF factories.


That is also where most people know Jan de Rooy from: racing DAFs. He started rallycrossing in 1969, not in trucks, but cars. De Rooy managed to win several Dutch titles and international podium places, especially in his DAF 55, until he switched to trucks in 1982 at the request of DAF itself.

The manufacturer wanted Jan to participate in Paris-Dakar, a desert race across Africa to the Senegalese capital Dakar. There he quickly got the nickname ‘De Beer’ (‘the bear’) and that did not only refer to his large stature. Fearless and extremely agile, he drove his converted trucks faster and faster through the desert.

Rally winning trucks

De Rooy built special trucks for the desert rally. For example, he turned two trucks into one, but with two engines and two cabins: the double header in 1984. Things really got serious after the introduction of the DAF Turbo Twin ll in 1986, a truck with two engines that together delivered more than a thousand horsepower.

In 1987 he became winner of the truck classification. His lead over the number two in that class was no less than fourteen hours. De Rooy even finished eleventh in the general classification, among the rally cars. That left him wanting more, because the driver from Son wanted to compete with the rally cars.

Dramatic accident

Jan de Rooy was given a completely free hand by DAF in 1988 to win the general classification. The result was the 1200 hp (horse power) X1. The images in which the DAF truck overtakes the car of top driver Ari Vatanen are iconic. De Rooy also deployed a second truck, but it overturned. The accident claimed the life of Kees van Loevezijn and driver Theo van de Rijt was injured. DAF withdrew from the rally and Jan de Rooy would not appear again in Paris-Dakar for years.

His son Gerard managed to persuade him to participate again from 2002, but in 2009 Jan de Rooy finally stopped participating in the ‘Dakar’. He felt that he could not tolerate his employees to have such an expensive hobby during the economic crisis. Moreover, he did not agree with the rally being moved from Africa to South America.


Son Gerard and daughter Anneke de Rooy have been at the helm of the transport company since 2010. Something their father Jan was very proud of. There was also follow-up as a victor in the Dakar Rally. First in 2007 when cousin Hans Stacey won the truck rally. In 2012, son Gerard finally managed to win. That was particularly emotional for father Jan, 25 years after his own victory. In 2016, his son won a second Dakar title in the trucks.

Jan de Rooy no longer followed the Dakar Rally in recent years. He lived a relatively secluded life in Middelbeers with his partner.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

Construction work on Victoria Park finally starts

After the construction holidays, construction of the Victoria park in the centre of Eindhoven will start. On the approximately 13,000 square metres of land area of ​​the so-called Emmasingelkwadrant (Emmasingel quadrant) – between the greenery and some two hundred trees – more than 1,500 homes will be built.

The artwork ‘Gateway to the Future’, a tribute to Gerard Philips that was unveiled last year, will also be placed in the park. The statue is currently located in the Gloeilampplantsoen on Strijp-T. According to alderman Rik Thijs of the municipality of Eindhoven, one of the founders of Philips will soon be looking to the future (Strijp-S), with the place where it all started behind him.

During a walk across the currently vacant lot, Stijn Steenbakkers, the second alderman involved in Victoria park, acknowledges that the patience of local residents has been put to the test. Around 2006, new residents moved to this part of the city with the idea that the park would be renovated in the foreseeable future. “It took about twenty years, but now it’s finally going to happen. Some people moved here specifically because a beautiful park with lots of greenery would be built here. But nobody expected it to take this long.”


The Victoria park should be the beating heart of the Emmasingel quadrant from the summer of 2025. This area – at the back of the library – is located between the Willemstraat, the Mathildelaan, the Vonderweg and the Emmasingel. The Lichtplein, which is already used for events, will be made greener and will soon be a lot more attractive for residents, shoppers, tourists and the entrepreneurs who are located on the edge of the park.

After the summer, the construction of 250 homes will start at the Temporary Art Centre (TAC) on the Vonderweg. For a long time, it was uncertain – due to finances – whether this project could continue, but with additional subsidy from the government (1.6 million euros), the construction is now definitive. In addition to realising homes, the studio spaces in TAC are also being renovated.

Victoria Tower

Together with the Victoria tower (start: spring 2025), the Vonderparkkwartier of Bree (start: mid-2025 at the earliest) and the redevelopment of the old head office of Woonbedrijf (mid-2025 at the earliest) there will be more than fifteen hundred new homes. In various price ranges. “We deliberately separated the construction of the Victoria tower and the construction of the park,” says Steenbakkers.

He refers to the earlier deal with the developer that he would not only build the tower, but also construct the park. “We have – with new insights – disconnected that. The agreement is that the developer pays 2.5 million to the municipality and can earn this amount back if he starts building the Victoria tower before a certain time. And as a municipality we are responsible for the design of the public area and the phased construction of the park.”

The Gender

According to Thijs, the greatest feat is bringing the Gender back above ground. This river now flows into the city through sewer pipes of one and a half metres in diameter. The municipality wants to make the Gender visible again in the Victoria park and on the Stationsweg. Thijs: “This is good for the city residents, who already have too little green, for the animals and biodiversity. And the new Gender also buffers the rainwater that sometimes falls in abundance. Furthermore, this can also be a measure against drought.”


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

Eindhoven receives money for development of Stadhuisplein

The Municipality of Eindhoven has received a subsidy of almost €4.000,000 from the Dutch government for the development of Stadhuisplein. 800 homes should be built opposite the town hall.

The €4.000,000 comes from the pot from which subsidies were previously obtained for the VDMA site (613 homes) and ‘Stads-hart’ (city heart) Woensel (3,000 homes). The contribution from this national ‘Woningbouwimpuls’ (construction impulse, WBI) should enable an acceleration of the housing construction task in Eindhoven.

With this subsidy, construction projects that consist of at least 50 per cent of affordable housing can have part of the deficit covered by the government.

‘Feasibility under pressure’

“Our housing construction challenge is large and the financial feasibility of many projects is under pressure”, councillor Mieke Verhees (housing) says. “This support from the government is very good news, so that home seekers will soon have a nice place”.

Alderman Rik Thijs – responsible for the development of Stadhuisplein – is also happy with the money: “The real estate developments around Stadhuisplein lead to many additional affordable homes. The green basic design of the square, with space for water, events and manifestations, is also important”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

Redevelopment of Boschdijk completed

The Boschdijk between the ring road and the centre of Eindhoven is open to traffic again. The important access road was closed for almost a year due to redevelopment. There are now safe crossing points, better cycle paths and more greenery has been created.

On Wednesday afternoon Climate Alderman Rik Thijs opened the renovated road, together with residents. According to the municipality, the paving was also worn and the road looked unattractive before the renovation.

Local residents are happy with the changes. For years, residents have advocated tackling the road. “It is much safer now. I can cross better now,” said a resident.

Trees and plants

Much more space has now been made for greenery on the Boschdijk. There are now a hundred trees, a doubling. Tens of thousands of plants have also been added, such as aster, salvia, lobelia and herbaceous. Dozens of parking spaces had to make way for this. In addition, there is room to collect water on the verges, as a buffer in the event of heavy rainfall. Furthermore, 44 charging points for electric cars have been installed.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

More than 14,000 visitors at New Year’s EHVE

At the foot of the Light Tower, Eindhoven residents started the new year with a bang. It was the first time a central show full of lights, music and fireworks took place in the city. New Year’s EHVE, as the spectacle is called, was a great success according to the organisation. 

“We are very satisfied, it turned out very well,” says project leader Patrick van de Voort. We were biting our nails because in several other towns the fireworks shows were cancelled due to the weather. “Though, even if we ‘d had to do without fireworks, it would still have been a good show”, he says. In addition to fireworks, there was music by La Fuente, Fresku and Joël Borelli and a light show.

That choice did not come out of the blue, because the organisation wanted a unique show that suited the city. As a City of Light, natural light is involved. “We wanted to tell a story, one that suits the people of Eindhoven and not one that you could see in every city”.

The organisation, Eindhoven247, hopes that the success of the New Year’s show will become a tradition. In total, around 14,000 people attended the first edition. At its peak, at midnight, there were ten thousand people present at the event. The evening passed without incident. It was a quiet evening for both the first aid and security.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha

After one lesson from Mrs. Li, half the class speaks Chinese

Students from group eight of Eindhoven primary school Rapenland received a special prize on Tuesday: a Chinese lesson from the unsurpassed Mrs. Li.

“Ni hao!” the teacher, whose name is Mrs. Li, says in greeting. Most people know that word. But soon the material becomes more difficult. The digital whiteboard is full of Chinese characters and you can pronounce the word ‘Ma’ in five different ways. The class repeats everything in unison, just as Ms. Li requested.

Group eight won the prize after participating in a quiz. The lesson is offered by Stedelijk College (urban college), the Eindhoven school that has internationalisation as a spearhead. Chinese has been offered here as an optional subject for ten years.

“It’s quite interesting”, a boy in class, with a special German first name, says. “I’ve never been to China, but if I do go there, I now at least know what to say”.


The fact that internationalisation is making good progress on Rapenland primary school is noticeable in the classroom. “Which of you doesn’t speak Dutch at home?”, the teacher asks. A lot of fingers go up in response. Portuguese, German, Russian, Kurdish and Papiamento: students who only speak Dutch at home are almost in the minority.

The class can easily master the Chinese lesson. There are even students who stand up, introduce themselves out loud and then count to ten in the new language. Is it because of that internationalisation? Or by Ms. Li’s teaching style? After each correct answer, she looks as if she has won the lottery and makes the whole class applaud.

Fortune cookies

As a reward, Chinese fortune cookies are handed out at the end of the lesson. And this time the cultural diversity throws a bit of a spanner in the works. Because the fasting month of Ramadan has just started and most children are fasting, only a few can open and eat the fortune cookie.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob



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