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Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Eindhoven News 10 years anniversary

CCTV for Kruisstraat

Camera surveillance is needed to tackle the problems in Oud Woensel, reports the Dutch daily newspaper, Eindhovens Dagblad. This is part of the Eindhoven municipality's...

NXP wants to raise $2 billion for energy-saving chip development

Chip producer NXP Semiconductors will market 2 billion dollars (around 1.66 billion euros) in green bonds for developing energy-saving chips. Such chips can be...

Council opens new desk to help job market

Eindhoven City Council has opened a 'Huis naar Werk' desk. They want to help the unemployed and business owners find their way through the...
Queue at restaurant

Packed terraces: “this is what we’ve been craving”

Just after King’s Day, the Netherlands eateries opened again, and it didn't go unnoticed. The terraces in the city centre of Eindhoven were completely...

Efteling suffers historic financial loss

Efteling had fewer than 3 million visitors in 2020. So, the attraction park made a loss of €14,5 million, which is just over 38%....
V&D building

Microlab won’t move to V&D after all

Microlab has pulled out of its rental deal. The company was to have to leased much of the redesigned V&D building. This is in the...

Brainport wants more State money

The Dutch government must invest €60,000,000 annually in the Brainport Region. That's to maintain the area's global position as a knowledge and innovation hub. The...

ASML records higher turnover than expected

ASML has a good quarter behind it. In the first three months of this year, the Veldhoven-based chip machine manufacturer recorded a turnover of...
New livelier WoensXL

Developer buys bulk of WoenselXL

Dutch real estate development firm Certitudo Capital has bought 36 retail units in the WoenselXL shopping centre. The company announced that the deal involves a...
Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport loses €10 million

Eindhoven Airport made a loss of €10 million in 2020. This is evident from the airport's annual figures, which were published on Monday. It should...

Professional Networking in pandemic times

The pandemic continues to have a devastating effect on the poorest and most fragile parts of the global population, but it is also a...

Humans in the digitalised age

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