This website doesn’t renew by itself. Daily around 2 to three people are busy to search for interesting articles and events, translate Dutch local news into English, edit English press releases, optimize the website, run the organization, promote, look for and familiarize volunteers, take pictures and not to forget to write articles.

We have a team of around 15 enthusiastic and dedicated people from all over the world working on Eindhoven News. Each doing their talented bit to keep Eindhoven News in the air.

We constantly are on the lookout for new eager volunteers who love to be part of and want to do their bit for this useful and informative cause. It is also a great way to integrate into the international community of Eindhoven, get to know what is going on in Eindhoven and learn about media.

Is there any one of these tasks you like to take up for a couple of hours each week?

• Translating Dutch to English
• Maintaining our Events Page
• Editing English texts and articles
• Taking pictures in and around Eindhoven
• Writing news or feature articles
• Website optimization
• Doing research for useful information
• Updating our social media channels
• Reporting on news in Eindhoven (and surroundings)
• Doing PR for Eindhoven News

Also check EindhovenDoet for our latest vacancies. In return you can profile yourself through our website, show the outside world what you can do and get exposure. Useful if you are looking for a (new) job. Worthwhile for yourself AND the community….  “The world is not full of strangers, they are just friends you haven’t met yet.”

Please fill in the following form to apply as volunteer: 

    Translator Dutch - EnglishReporter / PhotographerOpinion / Feature WriterWebmasterPublic RelationsOther

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