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Weekend Tips from Yvette


This weekend in and around Eindhoven…. Yvette’s tips.

It’s almost weekend but where do you need to go? A great weekend to be in Eindhoven as there is a lot to do! My tips:

Friday: Microclub at Microlab

Check here for more event details.

Saturday: The Artist – Circo Aero & Thom Monckton

Check here for more event details.

Sunday: Diwali

Check here for more event details.

Saturday and Sunday evening: Eindhoven Trofee – ice skating

Check here for more event details.

About Yvette, who is doing this for Eindhoven News:
“I’m the manager of the biggest expat Facebook group in Eindhoven – Expats in Eindhoven. A group dedicated to help expats have a great time in Eindhoven, get to meet new people and answer their questions. Further I work as graphic designer for my own company STUDIO YDID. In my free time I like to go running, race cycling, go out with friends and family or listen to the band Queen. If you want to know more – feel free to mail me at info@studio-ydid.nl.”

‘Typical Eindhoven’ So What’s Next Jazz festival celebrates 10th edition

On 28, 29 and 30 October, the tenth edition of the So What’s Next Jazz Festival will take place at the Muziekgebouw. A reason for the festival to go for it, especially after previous editions could only go on in slimmed-down form.

“Yes that’s right. Last year we had to deal with downsized hall attendance, the year before that it was online. We are happy that this edition can take place again as the festival was intended initially. At least that is what we assume, although clearly corona is not completely gone. This year we hope to welcome around 1,500 visitors again on the Saturday”.

Speaking is Barend Fransen, a former board member of the festival but involved for the first time this year in putting together the program. Fransen is also founder of the renowned jazz band Gare du Nord.

“I think you can also see that in the program of So What’s Next”, Fransen says. “Because the festival actually wants the same thing that we also want with Gare du Nord: not to be pigeonholed. That applies very much to contemporary jazz anyway”, Fransen says.

“Because if there is one genre that is always looking for the cross-connections, it is jazz. From electro to hip-hop, jazz can be heard in almost everything. And we want to exploit that fact at the festival. I dare say that this edition will be the most broad and versatile edition so far”.

From Los Angeles to Turkey
So where does this versatility lie? Fransen explains, “One of the biggest names we have is Lady Blackbird. A hugely talented singer from Los Angeles, someone who I expect the whole world will know in six months. From the other side, we have the Ashley Henry Trio, from the London hip-hop scene, and Karsu, who interweaves jazz music with influences from Turkish music”.

“But besides that, we also have, for example, the Archie Shepp Quartet”, Fransen continues. “Shepp is an old jazz pioneer from New York, who is now 85 but still influential. That’s what makes him so special. And his presence also tells something about the music movement, about where it comes from”.

Ultimately, this versatility, the eclectic program, is also why the festival fits Eindhoven so well, Fransen explains. “The cross-connections you see in our program, that’s what we’re always working on in Eindhoven. We are always working on innovation, we never ask ourselves here, ‘is it possible?’ but rather, ‘why not?’ “.

And with that attitude, So What’s Next also distinguishes itself from other jazz festivals in the province of Brabant, the organiser believes. “If you look at the Breda Jazz Festival, it is a bit more traditional – a fantastic festival by the way. Jazz in Duke Town in Den Bosch focuses more on Dutch talent and what it all has to offer”.

A broad audience
“We also have a somewhat more international approach – which also suits our audience. And we aim for a broad program. The nice thing about having such a diverse range of music, is that you get a diverse audience. That is perhaps the best thing about So What’s Next”, Fransen concludes.

For more information: Line-up, news and tickets So What’s Next?

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

Eindhoven turns 100 in 2020


Next year, the city of Eindhoven’s celebrates its centenary anniversary. And the Municipality has great plans.

It has been almost 100 years since the villages of Eindhoven, Gestel, Stratum, Woensel, Strijp, and Tongelre amalgamated to form the present-day Eindhoven. Since then, Eindhoven has been growing rapidly and continues to do so. Of all the Dutch cities that have more than 200,000 inhabitants, Eindhoven has expanded the fastest.

Mayor John Jorritsma, “Eindhoven is large and small all at once.”

According to Eindhoven’s Mayor, John Jorritsma, the city’s centenary is something to truly celebrate. “This single municipality was formed as a result of Philips’ growth spurt. A hundred years ago, it needed a lot of workforce and space. A united city could offer that.”

Large and small at the same time

“Now, 100 years later, Eindhoven has a strong domestic and international presence. The villages that made up Eindhoven as a whole have, however, kept their individual identities. We are, therefore, simultaneously, a small-scale and international player.”

“Philips is on its way to becoming the largest company in the world. Philips is still a major household name. It, has, however, expanded into the areas of knowledge, technology, and design,” says Jorritsma in a press release issued by the City Council.

The Municipality of Eindhoven will kick off the anniversary year on 6 January with the Kick-Off 1920-2020. This event takes place in DOMUSDELA/Mariënhage. It replaces two other events – the traditional New Year’s concert in the Muziekgebouw and the municipal New Year’s reception in the City Hall. It will be a low-key cultural meeting aimed at all inhabitants of the city.

In 2020, the City Council wants to focus on promoting social togetherness and solidarity. It is, therefore, wants to partner with Eindhoven’s social and cultural institutions. They are calling on all these kinds of associations, groups, and even individuals to organise initiatives that celebrate the city’s solidarity.

‘Honour, celebrate, create’

This, under the banner, ‘Eer gisteren – Vier vandaag – Maak morgen’ (‘Honour the past – celebrate the present – create the future). People can go to eindhoven1920-2020.nl for more information. There are already several events posted, for example, the Gennerper Parken Lopen, on 5 January.

Other events include “A Night On The Town” in the Muziekgebouw. This gala concert by the Royal Harmonico Phileutonia. The villages and the city are portrayed through music, hip hop, images, photos, and films.

The PSV supporters’ association and the Eindhoven Centre for Art and Culture – better known as the CKE –  also celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2020. The Marathon Eindhoven wants to organise a Ringloop, where participants start and finish at their own district.

Trees as a live celebration

A Tilia or Linden tree. Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Municipality is also planning to plant a large number of tilia, or linden, trees in every district. The trees are intended as tangible reminders of the Eindhoven’s 100th anniversary. The City Council is looking at how these specially-pruned trees can be planted at six ‘central and historically important locations’.

“These trees, planted in a central place, will be of symbolic value,” says an Eindhoven civil servant. “In the past, these were places of, for example, wedding ceremonies and birth celebrations. Places where people gathered. At the same time, this project contributes to the further greening of the city.”

Sources: Eindhoven City Council and Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

VVD member Daan de Kort in the race for inclusion award

Daan de Kort from Veldhoven is in the running for the Ctalents Diamond Awards, a prize that recognizes people and organizations that excel in the field of inclusion. The visually impaired VVD member has been committed to people with a visual impairment for years.

That is why the member of parliament has been nominated for the Ctalents Diamond Awards in the leader category.

As a politician, De Kort is committed to people with a visual impairment. In addition, Daan has worked in the European Blind Union in the past for the accessibility of elections within the member states in Europe. He has also been an ambassador for the Eye Fund for many years.


His commitment to people who are visually impaired does not come out of the blue. Daan de Kort lost about ninety percent of his eyesight in 2008. He has personally experienced what it is like when authorities want to determine for you how you should organize your life, according to the organization behind the awards. That is why the VVD member is now spreading the message that people should not be limited by their disability.

You can vote for Daan de Kort until 29 March.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

Festive toys given a second chance


The season of giving is approaching. Werktuin040 is, therefore, organising a Recycle Sint swap market on Monday evening.

Visitors can exchange items at 65 Edison Street. “Why would you buy something new every year when you can swap? And then you can immediately reduce that toy mountain in your house”, Anja Wasser, Werktuin040‘s founder, says. She has been active in the organisation since 2015. Werktuin040 is a place where people can come to work and bring their children along.


The swap market is intended to be a cheap, sustainable event. Parents can drop off toys at Werktuin040 during this week between 9:00 and 16:00. On Monday, 19 November, visitors can exchange toys from 19:30 at the same address.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

Feel @ home in Eindhoven


If you come from another country to the Eindhoven region, you will probably face another culture, other habits, or things that may seem familiar. Would you like to know more and talk about our city?

It is an opportunity to talk with important organisations about the facilities of the Brainport for the Internationals. You will interact and get to know more about studying, living, working and enjoying Eindhoven. You can also contribute to make Eindhoven a better place by providing your input. On the 14th of October at 7:30 p.m, you are invited to The International digital café-Feel @Home In Eindhoven (Part 1).

Miriam Frosi, councillor, Eindhoven wants everybody to feel at home in Eindhoven in all aspects, namely inclusion, sustainability, safety, education, integration etc. Miriam says, “During the International digital café meeting, we will travel with you into the Dutch system and Eindhoven’s reality. Many important organisations in our city will briefly introduce themselves, and afterwards, you can participate in interactive workshops. You can choose the topics that you like the most. We made this digital, so you need not leave home”.

If you are interested, register through this link

You will receive the link for the digital meeting on the 14th.

Source: Miriam Frosi, Councillor, Eindhoven city.

Local cleric to return to India

The Nicasius parish bid farewell to Father Mervin Varayankunnel on Sunday. This was during an open-air mass.

Father Varayankunnel served the Heeze-Leende and Geldrop-Mierlo communities. His congregation saw him off during the celebration of the Assumption of Mary celebration. This year, the church held this in its garden.

The Catholic priest will be returning to India. There, he will run a care centre for people with social and psychological problems. Father Mervin arrived in Heeze in 2014.

Should’ve be gone already

A year later his work began in the Nicasius parish. The priest was supposed to have returned to India in May already. The coronavirus global pandemic, however, threw a spanner in those works.

He’s had to postpone his farewell several times already. It’s still unclear when the Father will actually leave for India. Dozens of people gathered, 1.5m apart, on Sunday to say goodbye.

“I am going to miss him very much. But he misses his family in India too,” one of the guests said. Father Varayankunnel is going to use the parishioners’ contributions to help people in India. They will grow fruit and vegetables, and so earn a living.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

Weekendtips from Yvette


It’s the weekend in Eindhoven but where do you need to go? A great weekend to be in Eindhoven if you love music! You can go to the Cruydenhuisch, the Wasven, The Bar at Fifth NRE or Stadstuin De Zomeroase for some great music. Read more on Eindhoven News.

Friday: EQUAL – Silent Electric Festival

Check here for more event details.

Saturday: Let’s look for wildlife in the Stadswandelpark!

Check here for more event details.

Saturday: Kaneel Clothing Swap & Kilo Sale

Check here for more event details.

Sunday: Mini cultural festival Drie tegels Diep

Check here for more event details.

About Yvette:
“I’m the manager of the biggest expat Facebook group in Eindhoven – Expats in Eindhoven. A group dedicated to help expats have a great time in Eindhoven, get to meet new people and answer their questions. Further I work as graphic designer for my own company STUDIO YDID. In my free time I like to go running, race cycling, go out with friends and family or listen to the band Queen. If you want to know more – feel free to mail me at info@studio-ydid.nl.”

First ever vegan/yoga Festival

Eindhoven’s first-ever Yoga and Vegan Festival will be held this Sunday, 12 May in the Klokgebouw

The day-long festival aims to bring these two themes together. There will be yoga and meditation classes, talks on mental health, and classes for children. There will also be a vegan market. Here visitors can buy products and food from local businesses – all vegan.

Yogific, an organisation with its headquarters in London, UK, is hosting the festival. They run yoga and vegan festival across Europe. “We are overwhelmed by the response that we have received in Eindhoven,” says Yogfii’s Mirte Verhappen.

‘Amazing experience’

“Our vegan yoga teachers from England, Poland, and Ireland will be joining local Eindhoven based teachers. And the vegan stalls will offer an amazing experience.” The organisers support the zero waste movement, so visitors are encouraged to bring their own crockery and cutlery. The food stalls will give a discount to those who do,

Those interested in taking the yoga lessons should bring along their own yoga mats. All classes will be conducted in English and Dutch. The festival will be from 10:00 to 19:00 and costs from €3 (online) to €5 (at the door), with free entrance for children under 14.

Source: Yogific

Christmas light show taken down again and will continue next year despite price hikes

The holidays are over and so the Christmas light show on Rode Kruislaan in Woensel is being taken down again. The more than 30,000 lights go back into the box and the street is not so illuminated for a while. And that after more than 2,500 visitors last month.

Breaking down goes a lot faster than building up all the Christmas decorations. “We normally start building up in October, then after Halloween we start putting up the Christmas trees in the gardens and then on St. Nicholas’ birthday everything is ready”, organiser Erik Rakhorst says.

The four residential houses are completely in Christmas atmosphere during the holiday season, which attracts a lot of visitors. “We had around 2,500 visitors this year, which has been less in recent years because of corona. It’s really nice to see the children enjoying the music and the lights”, co-organiser Henk van der Aa says.

Energy bill

More than 30,000 lights are hanging during the Christmas light show, so Erik and Henk can expect a hefty energy bill. “It’s all LED so fortunately that’s not too bad. This year I put a flow meter between them and was able to measure exactly what we consumed. The total is €170, so that’s not too bad. That’s what we’re willing to pay for our hobby”, Rakhorst explains.


“We do this mostly for the people who stop by and pair a charity with that. This year that charity is Speelcadeau (play gift). An organisation that collects toys for children whose parents can’t afford them. And there was a big donation. In fact, we raised a total of €1000. This goes in its entirety to charity”.

Fans of the Christmas light show can also enjoy a following edition at the end of 2023, so they have to be patient for a while.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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