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kids jumping

Kids, teens summer holiday camps

Summer holidays are just a few months away. And, this year, more than ever, kids are chomping at the bit for something to do. And,...

Code yellow for Brabant on Thursday afternoon-KNMI weather alert

Thursday will be stormy again with strong gusts of wind. The KNMI has therefore announced code yellow in Brabant for Thursday afternoon.  The warning applies to...
Feelgood Market

FeelGood Market to go ahead, with some changes

The FeelGood Market is still on for Sunday, 15 November in Strijp S. It will, however, looks slightly different because of the current anti-corona measures....
Park Hilaria

Park Hilaria is officially off limits

The City of Eindhoven and Eindhoven247 have decided to officially cancel the 2020 edition of Park Hilaria. The reason for this is that in the...

Winter festival at the Grote Beek

At the De Grote Beek estate, a so-called Winter Festival will start on Tuesday. There is a pop-up restaurant in a large barn. The proceeds...

Ascension Weekend Tips From Yvette

This weekend in Eindhoven.... Yvette's tips. It's the long weekend of Ascension but where do you need to go? A great weekend to be in...

Season’s kick-off presentation 18/19 at Parktheater

The Parktheater will have their season's kick-off presentation 18/19 for our international audience on Saturday September 8th. During the 2018/2019 season, they will be featuring...
National Sports Week

National Sports Week

Eindhoven is one of the five host cities of the Dutch National Sports Week (Nationale Sportweek). The National Sports Week will take place from...

Come and learn about the Dutch schools in Meerhoven

More likely than not, the number one issue for parents moving to a new country is finding a school for their child that fits...

A rose for every grave in Mierlo’s defaced cemetery

On Thursday, an organisation called the Brabant Pacte des Cygnes society will place more than 600 roses in the military cemetery in Mierlo. A...


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