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DTW 2019: innovations, kids’ tech events, and lobbying for women

A live robotic surgery, thousands of students getting acquainted with new innovations, and an event to attract more women to the technology sector -...

Young Brainport Summer School attracts young international talent

Brainport Eindhoven's internationalisation is to get a further impetus. The fourth edition of the Young Brainport Summer School (YBSS) will be held from 10...

World Embassies at Dutch Design Week again

The 2019 Dutch Design Week is almost upon us. During this week, 19 to 27 October, people, including international experts, designers, and influencers in Eindhoven...
beursgebouw eindhoven

Two Beursgebouw events cancelled

Two major events in the Eindhoven Beursgebouw have been cancelled. The reason? The organiser is ill. It concerns the Winter Ibiza Festival and the Schlager...
Carnaval Eindhoven

Extra security on Geldropseweg during Carnaval

There will be extra security on Geldropseweg during this year's Carnaval parade. In addition to the glass and cans ban that applies throughout Eindhoven, there...

Even in a tight ‘corset’ Parktheater yearns for a restart

Their website shows: 'We're opening again in July!' The Eindhoven Parktheater is counting down to its first performance, since it was forced to close...

Weekendtips from Yvette

It's the weekend in Eindhoven but where do you need to go? A great weekend to be in Eindhoven if you love music! You...

Weekend Tips from Yvette

It's the weekend in Eindhoven but where could you go to? There are some nice events in Eindhoven that you can visit online and...
King's Day celebration

Special caravan, pastry-eating lessons for royal family

Members of the Royal Family will receive a crash course in eating a tompouce (a typical Dutch pastry) on King's Day in Eindhoven, and...

Expats get to know the city again: “They have to feel at home here”

For the first time since the outbreak of corona a year and a half ago, there is a life tour of Eindhoven for expats...


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