Eindhoven closes plot Urkhovenseweg after drug discovery

Eindhoven closes plot on Urkhovenseweg after drug discovery
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At the beginning of March, the police found a caravan on a piece of land on Urkhovenseweg that was used for the production of hard drugs.

The police regularly carry out proactive checks in an attempt to find storage sites and production sites for drugs, the municipality of Eindhoven said. This was also the case on 2 March, when an inspection was carried out on a plot on Urkhovenseweg.


A drug lab was located in a caravan on the plot, and a “very large amount” of hard drugs was also found. Electricity and water were supplied to the caravan via the business premises on the plot.

The tenant of the building had requested the court to stop the closing of his building, but the court saw no reason to do so. The user of the caravan previously also violated the Opium Act.

The plot will therefore be closed for twelve months, according to the municipality of Eindhoven.

Source: Studio040

Translation by: Ayşenur Kuran 

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