Heavy fireworks used to attack home

assault after Pride visit
Photo credit: Studio040

An explosive went off at a house on the Antwerpenlaan in Eindhoven on Monday evening. This happened a few doors down from a house that was shot at a month ago. According to the police, heavy fireworks were used. At the time of the explosion, a woman was at the home. She was not injured.

The explosion happened around 11:30 in the evening. The front window of the house was completely shattered. The glass was even flung across the street. The police cordoned off the entire street for investigation.

Second attack in a short time

Less than a month ago, a house around the corner was targeted. According to residents, it was a mistake. An unsuspecting family was left behind with several bullet holes in their façade.

Monday night was another hit. This time, residents suspect that the attack was committed at the intended address, according to a correspondent. The homes are around the corner from each other and the backyards border each other.


This time no bulets were fired, but an explosive went off. Whether there is a connection between the two attacks police cannot yet say. “At the moment we are only working on securing and collecting traces,” the police states.

Source: Studio040

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