City bus completely burns out

A city bus burnt out completely Photo source: Eindhoven Police

In Eindhoven, a city bus completely burned out on Tuesday morning in the Diamantring. The bus driver wanted to leave a bus stop when the engine would not start, after which the bus caught fire. The damage is considerable, but the bus driver and passengers were able to get out of the bus safely.

Firefighters rushed to the spot with several vehicles to extinguish the fire. There was a lot of smoke.  Damage to surrounding homes was avoided. Two cars parked close to the burning bus sustained damage. The bus completely burned out and there was a lot of smoke in the area.

There is as yet no answer to what caused the fire. Transport firm Hermes says it is being investigated. Hermes is not worried that any of their other diesel buses might catch fire.  “Our buses are always maintained well and on time”, says the spokesperson.

The road is temporarily closed to recover the bus.


Source: Studio040

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