A detour – the Latina women’s path to success

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Success is a word thrown around carelessly, but when determining the key foundations of success, each individual defines this broad term differently.

Being self-made, reaching emotional intelligence, coming out of the comfort zone, and just believing in yourself are all examples of success, regardless of pace and time, benchmarking standards, and all other alternative logical scenarios.

Today’s Inspired LATINA Volume VI: Life Stories of Success in the Face of Adversity, by Jacqueline S. Ruiz and Veronica Sosa, is a wonderful exploration into the journey of 20 women who’ve transformed their lives coming to Europe and the adversities they faced along the way. 

The book starts with an introduction by the writers and their respective backgrounds, as well as their remarkable journeys of transforming dreams into realities, leading to the inspiring Latina series.

“Be their hero, commit to exceeding their expectations, and the universe will reward you.”

For every chapter the star of the story is introduced through one of their personal quotes that ultimately summarises their outlook on life. An elaboration of the quote then follows through a brief excerpt of the key defining factors of their life’s journey. Every story account then concludes with a section of reflection questions addressing whether the reader is able to/or has achieved the same mental transformation as the woman in the story or has faced similar adversities to her. 

The inspirational Latina women:

Perla Tamez – Felissa Arias – Lya Martinez – Andrea Villamizar López – Andrea Mesis-Bruno – Denise Pedroza Sandoval – Mylene Fernström – Marielys Avila – Rubmary Díaz Marcano -Virginia Callizaya Terceros – Silvia Tapia – Estefania Roa – Marita Valdizan – Beth Marmolejos – Adriana Méndez Snowden – Alicia Ponce-Nuñez – Karina Endulza – Lizbeth Ramirez – Adriana Hernández Martínez – Renée Rodriguez       

The diversity of these women lies not only in their personal experiences, but in their nationalities, from Mexican to Venezuelan, and careers as well. Some have embarked on entrepreneurial enterprises ranging from social counselling, event planning and financial consultation, while others have reached prominent career levels in their respective business or political field.    

Their beautiful stories all have common fuelling drivers, with the following recounting some of these key motivators:

      • Hard working parents who’ve influenced their internal drive
      • Personal emotional and mental struggles/traumas
      • A serious health concern that refocused their life and goals
      • Breakup violence and life threatening situations
      • Culture shock 
      • Gender discrimination
      • Passion for excellence
      • Spiritual awareness

Jacqueline and Veronica have managed to showcase simple yet eloquent stories that are highly relatable to diverse demographics, and can serve as excellent benchmarks on a number of scales.

Overall this dynamic recollection is an excellent source of motivation, covering a wide range of experiences and scenarios, and a wonderful portrayal of how diverse adversities can redefine personal goals and expectations, detouring people towards incredibly unexpected routes to success.


For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez


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