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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Eindhoven News 10 years anniversary

Brabantsedag: When history comes alive in Heeze

Since 1958, the beautiful village of Heeze- a suburb south of Eindhoven-has been known for its annual culture festival. Brabantsedag – or the Brabant...

Heeze citizens are not going on holiday because of Brabantsedag

HEEZE - Flights to sunny holiday destinations are departing daily from Eindhoven Airport and the Route du Soleil brings masses of tourists to European...

Heritage Language Schools of Eindhoven come together for the first time

We at Eindhoven News are always looking for ways to make your life easy. Of course, we are always thinking "how can we improve your...

Yoga Vegan Festival in Strijp-s

Last month, a yoga vegan festival took place in Strijp-s. It was held by Yogific, an organization advocating yoga as a lifestyle, and veganism....

Eindhoven honours sporting heroes with awards

The city of Eindhoven recognised its sporting talents and their achievements during a gala evening at the Van der walk hotel.   Based on the nominees...

A rose for every grave in Mierlo’s defaced cemetery

On Thursday, an organisation called the Brabant Pacte des Cygnes society will place more than 600 roses in the military cemetery in Mierlo. A...

It’s Kempenerpop this weekend

parkrun to launch in Eindhoven

Weekend Tips from Yvette