Three-Day So What’s Next Jazz festival in Eindhoven

Photo credit: So What's Next Jazz Festival

In the first weekend of November, Eindhoven will be the scene of the  So What’s Next Jazz festival. Dozens of musicians will play their rhythmic sounds in various locations in town.

The festival covers three days. Each day has its own theme: Club Night, Grand Festival Night and Around Town.

So What’s Next Jazzfestival Eindhoven kicks off on Friday 3 November with a Club Night. Various bands will play in  Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, such as Montis, Goudsmit & Directie. British artist Reuben James will also make an appearance on the stage.


The next day is Grand Festival Night. Some fifteen bands will play a range of jazz forms, from funk to hiphop. Internationa artiests such as Nubya Garcia and Cory Henry play on that day, but the stage will also have local musicians, such as Fresku from Eindhoven. Visitors can score their favourite records in a shop on site.

Around Town

The final day of the So What’s Next Jazz Festival Eindhoven fans out all over town. Affecionados can attend performances in Fifth NRE, Dynamo, LAB-1, Food Gallery, Stage Music Café, M and Café Wilhelmina. The city programme is free, and will include artists such Madison McFerrin from the U.S.A., the John Ghost sextet from Belgium, and Katie Koss from Ukraine.

The festival starts is from 3 through 5 November.  .

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