Drunk driver heads straight for security guard: ‘Go away or I’m going to run into you’

Scan car hands out 35. fines per month
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A 33-year-old man from The Hague drove into a security guard in Oosterhout on Sunday evening. He saw the car coming towards him and was only able to jump aside just in time. The man was eventually arrested for attempted manslaughter. 


The incident on the Basiliekplein was preceded by a violent argument between the 33-year-old man from The Hague and his girlfriend. Because of that quarrel, a number of people from the so-called ‘sus team’, including the security guard in question, were present on the square. The ‘sus team’ is a special team of private security guards deployed by the municipality to speak to clubbers about any undesirable behaviour.

When the argument between the man and his girlfriend got out of hand, the man from The Hague got into his car. According to a witness, he shouted: “Go away or I will  kill you”. Then he almost knocked over the security guard.

His girlfriend was hanging from the door of his car at the time. She fell to the ground, but managed to get back up and into the car a little later.

Both had been drinking
Officers on the lookout for the car saw it not much later driving on the Hoofseweg. By then, it was driven by a 30-year-old woman, also from The Hague, and a friend of the man. She also turned out to be under the influence of alcohol. They were both arrested.

The security guard who managed to jump away just in time has pressed charges. De man from The Hague is suspected of attempted manslaughter. His driver’s license was confiscated. Both drivers were also officuially charged for driving under the influence.


source: Omroep Brabant

translated by : Vesna

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