Company in Son collects clothes and toys for Ukraine

Toys and Clothes donation, Picture credit : Studio040

In the Netherlands, the De Rooy transport company in Son is collecting lots of clothes and toys for Ukrainians. the Russian invasion of the Eastern European country has caused great adversity and many are in need of help.

Goods and clothing are arriving from all over the country, from individuals as well as companies who want to contribute. On Sunday, De Rooy posted an appeal on social media, and since then, many people have responded to the appeal.

Transport to Poland

De Rooy employs many drivers from Ukraine. Initially, the company wanted to collect clothing for the families of its own staff. In the meantime, so many things are coming in, that a large part is going to distribution points in Poland. Poland has received many refugees from Ukraine.

According to the company, the Ukrainian drivers make diverse choices, now that war has broken out. Some drivers decide to stay in the Netherlands, others go back to their homeland to join the fight against the Russians.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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