Thanks to waste disposal employees 30 tonnes of waste were cleared in one day

Cleaning service employees, Picture credit : Pixabay

Most people in Eindhoven are very happy that they can join carnival festivities again, but Ergon City Cleaning is also happy that the party could go along in 2022.

This means that Ergon employees must be ready in the morning to clean up the city centre.

Hard work of cleaning service employees

On the busiest days, Saturday and Sunday, Ergon collected 25 to 30 tonnes of waste daily. They managed this with the help of some twenty employees and six cleaning trucks, starting at 6.00 a.m. By 12.00 pm the Eindhoven city centre looked like nothing had happened.

“Our employees are very happy that it can happen again”, says a spokesman of the cleaning service. “Many of them also celbrate carnival, but they stop on time and have to get up early. In addition, our employees are certainly proud of the work they do. Thanks to them, the city looks spic and span again after a day of carnival,” says the spokesperson.

What happens to the waste ?

But it is certainly a lot of rubbish. Therefore, an employee of Ergon decided to make a video. And what happens to the waste? It is picked up from the Ergon site by a waste processing company that processes the waste further.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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