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Peter de Roij van zuidelijn, Marieka van Gastel and Conny Helder,ministe for long term care and sport.

VVD, the present largest party in the municipality, took over the economic situation amidst challenging times in 2018. VVD has achieved immensely on this front by clearing a massive deficit in the city budget almost midway through the tenure. Thus, we can proudly say we paved the way for other development measures. Curious, what we can do for the city in the next four years? Read on… 

A home for everyone

Eindhoven is transforming itself continuously. It is the capital of Brainport where the future is being made. It is the most important economic hub within the Netherlands, and, most of all, it is the city we call home. 

Our city’s ambition is vivid when you drive around – a city, full of cranes, constructions and construction workers. All those construction sites will eventually transform into houses, streets and green parks where our bustling city will show its true colours. A city, full of events and festivals, a city where kids can grow up and a city where you can get to work and back home fast. 

To further accomplish this future, we, the VVD Eindhoven, would like to continue our work in the city council. In the past four years, we have had many (important) accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean our work is over. We need, for example, improvements in the housing sector, more investments into a sustainable future and our eco-system. Without a doubt, increase internationalisation measures.

“We are proud of clearing the city’s huge budget deficit in the past 4 years”- L Snelders

We have achieved significantly in the past four years, especially in the city’s finances. The finances were in black almost by the mid-term of our tenure. Fortunately, we cleared the deficit.

We are proud of this feat. As a result, we could invest in projects that carve the future of Eindhoven, for example, in green projects.  We feel very optimistic about the future, and we cannot wait to improve it further so that more people can proudly call Eindhoven home. Let’s do it together.

The VVD is the largest political party in the Netherlands. We have been part of the ruling coalition since 2010, and our party leader, Mark Rutte, has been the Dutch prime minister since 2010. The VVD is a centre-right liberal party that promotes economic liberalism, personal freedom and equal rights. The VVD is also the largest political party in Eindhoven and is part of the current municipal coalition. We strive for a city where everybody has the opportunity of getting the best out of themselves. We believe only then people can truly contribute to their environment. 

A summary of the VVD’s manifesto: 

We say ‘yes’ to companies that take responsibility for their employees and the environment; we say ‘yes’ to anyone that wants to help build the Eindhoven of the future and ‘yes’ to a successful and ambitious city. We want to strengthen our economic position and along with it our facilities. We aim to increase Eindhoven’s inhabitants to 300,000 by 2030.  Eindhoven’s VVD works on healthy and sustainable growth based on five core values (personal, specialised, reliable, local and socially concerned). We continue to work on a favourable business climate for big, established companies and small to medium enterprises and start-ups. In addition to these ambitions, we want an attractive environment with excellent facilities, a good balance between housing and quality of life, and mobility and greenery in all neighbourhoods.

Eindhoven- a home for everybody 

a. Priority for mid-income groups, students, starters and seniors in housing projects for rent/sale.

b. Decisions on conversion permits and building plans for smart, small-scale initiatives to become faster and more flexible.

c. There are quite some empty shops in neighbourhood-shopping centres (such as Woensel and Kastelenplein). We intend to transform these into housing projects to not only prevent these shopping centres from deteriorating but also to reduce the housing shortage. Thus, increasing the customer base of these shopping centres as a by-product of the change.

Development in Strijp

Eindhoven, a city for entrepreneurs 

a. The municipality works with local businesses as much as possible within the limits of the law.

b. There is one contact point where entrepreneurs can go for all their questions and permits. We are focusing even more on efficient and fast service to entrepreneurs, especially digitally.

c. During the terrace season, we make expanding terraces possible.  We are abolishing permits for small terraces. Entrepreneurs themselves are responsible for coordination with their immediate environment.

Eindhoven- a city with a sustainable future 

a. Before neighbourhoods switch to another form of energy supply (other than gas), we ensure that residents are offered an affordable alternative. Think of smart energy networks where households can share surplus sustainable energy. We will retain the gas network for the future when hydrogen or green gas is accessible.

b. We believe that the climate discussion should not be ‘misused’ for other political agendas. Our climate is too important for that. In other words: no tax increase to redistribute wealth under the guise of climate, but concrete measures that contribute to CO2 reduction.

Eindhoven- a safe city where anyone who wants to contribute is welcome

a. We invest in safety. Our safety budget per inhabitant is increased to equal the average of the four major Dutch cities.

b. Residents who contribute to society based on their ability can count on our support. Losing a job is devastating enough. Everyone has talents, and people must use them to contribute to society. We think it is vital that people continue to participate in our society, for example, by participating in training that can help to get a new job. 

So please support us, and most importantly, please vote.

Voting days: 14/15/16 March

Written by: Len Snelders. Candidate VVD.

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