Eindhoven city council election debate in English on 3 March

Flyer - City council election debate in English

International residents of Eindhoven, your voice matters. Come voice your opinion at the Eindhoven city election debate in English on 3 March (17:00 to 19:00 hrs). Free registration.

Eindhoven is an international and cosmopolitan city with a population of 235,000 inhabitants. Approximately, thirty thousand internationals live in Eindhoven. Naturally, the emphasis on honouring this diversity is of paramount importance. Certainly, the political parties together with the Gemeente (municipality) realise this aspect. As a result, an election debate in English will take place at Eindhoven city hall on Thursday 3 March from 17:00 to 19:00hrs.

Eindhoven News with its strong reader base and diverse volunteer team has been invited to moderate the debate. The municipality welcomes all internationals to shed light on the issues concerning them.

Beena Arunraj will moderate the debate. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Eindhoven News, the digital news source for the Eindhoven metropolitan region. Irene Martens, founder of Eindhoven News remarks “If you want to have an impact on the politcal agenda, participating in debate, putting forward your concerns and letting your opinion being heard is important. Also getting to know the local politicians and their viewpoints is a great chance to be more involved. I am happy the municipality gives the large group of internationals the opportunity through this discussion.”

You can meet representatives from many parties, of course over a cup of coffee. The city hall is hosting the debate.

The participants are Miriam Frosi (CDA), Eva de Bruijn (GroenLinks), Ed Winters (VVD), Tjeerd S Ritmeester (PvdA), Tom Brouwers (D66) and Ankie van der Sar (Volt).

The debate topics include:

  • Housing
  • Integration
  • International students
  • Local needs in education
  • Languages used in the municipality
  • Safe and peaceful green city
  • Condition of immigrants and their needs.
  • Flourishing as an international/ cosmopolitan city.

You can register here for free for the Eindhoven city council election debate in English

If you can’t make it to the debate here you can watch through a live stream:
Go to: https://eindhovenraadszaal.nl/ and fill in the code: GJWTDDC7

Date: Thursday 3 March

Time: 17:00 to 19:00 hrs

Venue: Stadhuis, 1 Stadhuisplein, 5611 EM. Eindhoven


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