Super-sustainable homes in Veldhoven

A model of the ecovillage to be built in Veldhoven. Photo source:Studio040/Vereniging Klein Oers

The houses of eco-village Klein Oers in Veldhoven must be super-sustainable homes. Construction of the 40 homes started on Monday.

Everything seems to have been thought of by the initiating Vereniging Klein Oers , who are responsible for the development of the eco-village. The municipality of Veldhoven and housing corporation Thuis are also supporting it.

These houses are not built from concrete and steel as usual. Instead, they get a wooden skeleton. Insulation is done with straw bales. The walls will be finished with a layer of moisture regulating loam.

Dry toilets

The toilets of the eco-homes also meet the high sustainability requirements of the new-built homes. The dry toilets ensure that faeces do not end up in the sewer. They are used as compost in the garden. This should save about 30 percent on water consumption.

Heating hardly needed

Because the houses are well insulated, heating is hardly necessary, says Vereniging Klein Oers. Should the need arise, the single heat pump present in each residential block can provide the heating. Solar panels generate the electricity.

The project will be finished by 2024. The future residents themselves will help build the new homes. If you want to lend a hand on a voluntary basis, you can register with the Klein Oers association .

Source :Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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