House in Nuenen closed for three months after drug find

Hard drugs and soft drugs Nuenen
Photo credit: Politie Nederland/Studio040

A home on Lindenhof in Nuenen has been closed for three months. Mayor Maarten Houben made the decision on Monday because the police found a quantity of hard drugs there in spite of it.

The residents of the property had been in the wrong before. During the previous inspection, a trade quantity of soft drugs was found. According to the municipality, drug trafficking endangers the safe living environment. Therefore, the Mayor ordered the property to be closed.

In May, Mayor Maarten Houben also closed a home after a drug discovery. A home on Irenestraat was closed for four months at the time.

Negative consequences

In addition, the city council warns that hemp cultivation and drug trafficking not only affect the traffickers themselves. People who are not directly involved in the trade but do have a connection also risk having their homes or premises closed down if drugs are found.

It can also have negative consequences for the rental agreement, the municipality warns. The property owner may decide to dissolve the agreement. This can happen even if the tenant himself does not have anything directly to do with the hemp or drugs. As a result, the tenant may never return to the property.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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