Raw and Real: Black Lives Matter Protest- Stadhuisplein

Say their names, Eindhoven city centre. Photo credit: Ingar Brunnett

Finding truth

The weather was as complex as the emotions that weaved through the demonstration on Saturday.  It was a timely scenario to behold.  I noticed the fleeting sun, fiery clouds, mixed with wind, calm and then repeating itself.  

The demonstration included multiple ethnicities and nationalities representing the global diversity that is reflective to the city of Eindhoven.  There was an overflowing crowd of varying age groups present.  A large portion of the attendees included the younger realm in their late teens and twenties.  For close to ninety minutes the public space at Stadhuisplein was a centre of raw emotional energy.  As an American, I continue to have ties with family and friends in the States.  It is obvious to see the powerful similarities in the demonstration here as in America and elsewhere.  When I say this, I am referring to the intense emotional and vocal expression and not the violence.  The intensity of the message was made clear by the speakers as well as the demonstrators.  What stood out was to see the younger generation expressing their truth in a raw, expressive and fervently creative way.  The beauty of vocal expression weighed heavily during this afternoon.  It was a peaceful and non-riotous protest yet it was made clear that the young people wanted their voices to be heard.

Public space by Bevrijdingsmonument, Eindhoven. Photo credit: Ingar Brunnett


There is sterling energy against racism that is intertwining among people globally.   Also, more specifically younger people have responded to the impassioned call to stop the injustice.  The fight against racism has always been present.  But right now there is an unavoidable sense of urgency that’s become a driving force for the emerging generation.  Every generation has an identifying movement of sorts.  There was a charge in the air that was immensely heartfelt that day.  It was not a commotion.  It was an energy that was directed, ancient and even haunting.  An energy that has returned to life from lifetimes ago of unresolved pain and now expressed through these young wise voices.  I was happy to hear the lead from the younger voices making this happen that afternoon.  In remembrance and dignity, the attendees chanted in unison with the memory of George Floyd and the countless others that have suffered:  Enough is enough, Black Lives Matter, No Justice – No peace, We are here and We are staying.

Wal Street, Eindhoven. Photo credit: Ingar Brunnett

In unity

We find ourselves in profound times during the aftermath of violence around the world as well as Covid-19.  The city of Eindhoven hosted an afternoon that was powerful and timely.  There was an impassioned sense of unity that day.  On a breezy June afternoon, the public square at Stadhuisplein was filled with chants, music and the powerful messages.  Most importantly, the public gathering was a unity of citizens from all over the globe with the intent to make it known that Black Lives Matter.  As the crowd dispersed there was also a a sense of solidarity that remained.  Then I was quick to notice the winds had shifted to calm, the sky cleared and the sun shone a little brighter at least momentarily.  A timely gathering for all of us and the earth as well.

Like prayers in flight by Sint Catharinakerk, Eindhoven. Photo credit: Ingar Brunnett

For Eindhoven News: Ingar

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