Bicycle tunnel Boutenslaan to get a facelift

Boutenslaan Tunnel to get a facelift
Photo credit: Eindhoven Municipality

The bicycle tunnel under the Boutenslaan is going to be renovated. This is the most recent project under the Eindhoven Municipality.

The tunnel needs renovation for concrete damage and also for damage in sealant seams, water nuisance, paintwork. Later this year the tunnel will get LED lighting. The tunnel is cleaned every month. It gets defaced very often. Therefore, the municipality has chosen to tackle this within the Tunnel Vision.

The tunnel under the Boutenslaan is a bicycle connection between Gestel inside and outside the ring road. it is also part of the Slowlane route. In the meantime, local authorities have started cleaning activities. The tunnel will be closed in the coming weeks.

Design choice 
The Rotterdam office was commissioned to make an inquiry for an abstract design. In 2019 won the design competition for the Kadebrug over the Eindhovens Kanaal. It was a design by Luuk Bode. Because of the complex traffic situation, figurative designs are not suitable. Those can distract traffic participants.

From a pre-selection of, the evaluation committee of the municipality invited three artists to make a sketch design based on a program of requirements. Important points for the design include: improving the social sense of safety, a good light output in the tunnel and making use of the shapes of the tunnel. The design of the Amsterdam artist Aam Solleveld was chosen.

Cyclist is in the artwork
Aam Solleveld’s design, a black and white pattern of horizontal lines, covers the entire tunnel. “The tunnel is already a complete architectural work with the rounded ceiling and the beautiful, inviting entrances on both sides. Due to the dirt and daubing, this is currently not clearly visible. I want to tackle the tunnel as a whole and make it a whole new experience that is in harmony with the existing design”.

“I see the tunnel as a work of art. Instead of using the wall as a large canvas, I reinforce the existing concrete design with its striking entrances. The size and safety of the tunnel requires one uniform approach, without details that distract. Cyclists and pedestrians are in the artwork and become part of it. They are the colour elements in the tunnel. The graphic lines and the contrast make colour stand out, it makes people more visible”.

Source: persbericht

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.


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