More places needed for refugees

More spaces needed for refugees
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The municipality of Eindhoven is currently seeking over 1,000 shelter places for refugees. Due to the housing shortage, locations are scarce.  But in the coming days, the number of necessary reception places is likely to increase.

Eindhoven promised in May to find shelter space for 900 refugees, thereby anticipating the city government’s law, which dictates that refugee shelters must be neatly spread throughout the region.

By Jan. 1, 2024, the municipality must, therefore – to be precise – find 896 asylum reception spaces. This is what the municipal executive committee (B&W) has informed to council questions from the SP.

Extra locations

In addition, 300 additional reception sites are being sought for Ukrainian refugees. This is while at the moment only 141 refugees are accommodated at emergency locations, namely at the Kanaaldijk-Zuid and the Novotel.

In the short term, the Municipality of Eindhoven does not expect this to change either. According to the college, it is very complicated to find additional locations.

Neighbours and other interested parties must be included in the process while COA also sets requirements for reception locations. The college also says that doing the necessary research, preparations, and investments takes a lot of time.

In use

Locations that are suitable, moreover, are often already in use for the reception of the thousand of Ukrainian refugees in the city or serve as social reception.

AZC Budel

There is a risk of the problem worsening because of the uncertainty surrounding the reception location in Budel. Eindhoven assumes that AZC Budel will close completely. It means that the 1,500 reception places at that location may also have to be spread across the Brabant Zuidoost region.

It is not clear how Eindhoven is going to meet the enormous task of finding accommodation.

The city council does say that it is considering options such as relocatable housing units and converting business premises. But the real help must come from The Hague, according to the city council.

The Hague

According to the Eindhoven city council, the government is primarily responsible for improving asylum policy. The admission, the asylum procedure, asylum reception, and social integration must be integrated and work well. This needs to be taken care of with policy from The Hague. Without good policy from the government, the situation will not structurally improve, the college said.

Source: Studio040

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