Drugs gang tortures victim

Henry W., who was kidnapped a few weeks ago in the Eindhoven region, was tortured by a Moroccan drugs gang. He lost parts of two fingers and got ‘Thief’ carved into his forehead. He is said to have been kidnapped because cocaine was allegedly stolen from the drugs gang.

After the torture, the 37-year-old man was found seriously injured by municipal employees in the bushes in the village of Poppel, just across the Belgian border, at the end of February. Henry W. was hospitalised and had his injuries attended to.


While imprisoned, Henry W. was tortured. Not only were the tops of two of his finger cut off, but part of his ear as well. In addition, his back was cut with a knife and then ammonia was poured into the wounds. Finally, they used a knife to carve Thief into his forehead.. This supposedly  happened in an empty Chinese restaurant in Poppel. After having been tortured for two days, he was released.

Revenge on rip deal

According to the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office, the kidnapping is the result of a conflict in the Dutch drugs environment. A group of Moroccans supposedly lost fifteen kilograms of cocaine in a rip deal. When the drugs gang knew who the perpetrators were, they lured Henry W. into a trap and took him from the Netherlands to Belgium in a van.

According to newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’, the stolen cocaine was marked with the stamp ‘K.O.T.S.’, which stands for ‘Kings of the Street’. That stamp is said to belong to the most wanted Dutch drugs lord, Jos Leijdekkers – known as Bolle Jos, Kleine Jos or Josje Breda – who is also number one on an international search list by Europol. One of the suspects behind the kidnapping has been arrested. It is said to be a 23-year-old Antilian from Lommel.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn


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