Brabant suppliers ASML consider building factories in Asia

Photo credit: Studio040/Alain Heeren

Suppliers of chip machine manufacturer ASML may build new factories in Asia, outside of China. This is what Reuters news agency writes based on information from the Brabant Development Agency (Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij). Tensions between China and the West mean ASML is no longer allowed to send machines to China.

According to insiders, the possible new production locations are related to international tensions. These tensions mean, among other things, that ASML is no longer allowed to supply its chip machines to China. That could be done from other Asian countries.

In addition to production locations, the companies are also looking at locations for a regional head office. Singapore would be an option for companies such as Neways and a VDL division, both Eindhoven companies.

Official ban

Last week it was officially announced that ASML is now also no longer allowed to supply part of its older type of chip machine, the DUV machines, to China. Weeks earlier it had already been leaked that the Netherlands and the United States had reached an agreement on this.

ASML’s most modern machines, the so-called extreme ultraviolet devices (EUV), had already been banned from export to China. According to the United States, China can use the chip technology for the production of weapons.

Source: Brabant Nieuws

Translator: Martijn


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  1. They should definately Not build a factorie in Vietnam..although cheap labour etc.the geopolitical situation is that any Overspill from sanctions against China would kill the supply chain from China to my view


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