VVD worried about safety in the inner city

Eindhoven setting aside million to help residents and groups
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The VVD is concerned about safety in downtown Eindhoven and wants to know why no attention has been paid to safety in the inner city deal.

According to the VVD, the city centre is becoming increasingly unsafe due to an increase in shoplifting, “unsafe situations” and riots. In addition, the party also labels demonstrations as safety incidents. They also see homeless people and skaters as safety risks.


The VVD fraction, therefore, wants to know why Eindhoven municipality does not mention safety in the inner-city deal. It is a policy document in which the cooperation between the municipality, inner-city entrepreneurs, and other parties involved is laid down. Among other things, the inner-city deal must ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the center.

According to the VVD, more safety should be part of the agreements. They want to know what the college is doing to improve safety. If that does not happen, the party fears that entrepreneurs will no longer want to invest in the city center, or will even leave altogether.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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  1. I want to believe that listing skaters in the ‘problematic’ group is either a poor translation of the original text or simply a complaint made by someone really focused on making our lives a bit shittier… Talk less and skate more.

    • The same applies to demonstrations, since demonstrations are a democratic right. The article refelcts the opinion of the VVD , Eindhoven News reports what the VVD says.

    • Thank you for noting this. I have changed the text to make it even more explicit that these are the views of the VVD.


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