Camera surveillance at Woenselse Markt extended

Nuisance Woenselse Markt
Photo credit: Studio040

On Woenselse Markt the next six months cameras will remain hanging in order to counteract nuisance caused by young people.

This is a decision of the Mayor and Aldermen. The police have repeatedly checked the streets in Oud-Woensel and have also handed out fines, but this has not been enough.


Almost daily residents, entrepreneurs and shopkeepers complain about serious noise pollution and aggressive traffic behaviour in and around Woenselse Markt. They also suffer from sometimes serious violent incidents, pickpocketing, drug dealing and alcohol abuse. By deploying cameras, threatening situations can be picked up on at an early stage and action can be taken quickly.


Already a year ago the municipality announced to place cameras in Oud Woensel to counteract the problems. The measure is part of a broader approach to make the neighbourhood more livable.

The cameras will remain in place until February 1, 2023.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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