Sint Antonius Abbt pupils return to school after devastating fire

Sint Antonius Abt primary school
Photo credit: Studio040

After a fire destroyed part of the classrooms at primary school ‘Sint Antonius Abt’, the pupils have been in school again since Monday. Some of them have lessons in the old building, the older pupils have been temporarily moved to another accommodation.

A week and a half ago there was a fire at the primary school, during which part of the classrooms burned down. Some of the pupils could still stay in the building, but group four up to and including eight have temporarily moved to a location of the Achtbaan school in Achtste Barrier. Classes started again on Monday.

New location
“Friday we had a viewing moment at the new location”, director Kim Keesmekers says. “For the older children it takes some time to adjust, but you notice that they are very happy to have a classroom again”.

The teachers themselves have received advice on how best to deal with what has happened. “Monday was still a bit of a test, but you notice that the students like to have structure and routine again”, teacher Carli Wilms from group six says. “Today we started again with the lessons. But there is still room to talk or express in drawings about what happened”.

Emergency classrooms
As a temporary option they are happy with the location, but the educational institute hopes to welcome all pupils back at their old school after the summer holidays. “That also depends a bit on the municipality, what they want”, director Keesmekers explains. “One option, for example, is emergency accommodation. It will be exciting to see exactly what happens”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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