New Eindhoven Aldermen sworn in

Eindhoven city council
Photo credit: Gemeente Eindhoven/Studio040

Eindhoven now officially has a new city council. On Tuesday evening, seven Aldermen were installed under the watchful eye of the city council.

Last week, it already became clear who is in the new municipal executive committee on behalf of the coalition of GroenLinks (green left party), CDA (christian democrats), D66 (democrats) and PvdA (labour party).


For GroenLinks, by far the largest party, there are three Aldermen: Samir Toub, Rik Thijs and Saskia Lammers. The CDA has put forward two councillors, Stijn Steenbakkers and Maes van Lanschot.

Aldermen and city representatives

The other two, PvdA and D66, will have to make do with one Alderman for the next four years. For D66, it is Monique Esselbrugge and for the PvdA Mieke Verhees. On behalf of D66 and PvdA, however, ‘city envoys’ have been appointed, who must force through breakthroughs on specific topics. The city representatives were sworn in, but are not politically responsible, the coalition parties emphasised on Tuesday evening.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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