Man spreads litter on square and attacks police officer

Attack police officer
Photo credit: Studio040

The police arrested a man who was causing trouble on Woenselse Markt on Tuesday. He scattered rubbish from public dustbins over the square. Afterwards he attacked a policeman with an iron pin.

The police were on the scene after a report. When the officers arrived, the man was eating mayonnaise from a jar, which he had found in the rubbish bin. Then he started throwing chips, shoarma and sandwiches.

The police asked him to clean up the mess, but the man was not amused. The man attacked the police officer with an iron pin. With the help of security and bystanders, he was arrested.

He was then put in the cell. There he stuck his genitals through the hatch of the cell door.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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