Cops find drugs hidden in car

Photo credit: Studio040

The police search a car in Woensel-Zuid on Friday evening. During that search, they found hard drugs in a hidden compartment.

The police then arrested the vehicle’s occupants. They searched the car. The police had learned it might be involved in drug trafficking.

They found several caches of hard drugs in a secret compartment in the car. Once at the station, the police searched the suspects too. They found large amounts of cash in one of their pockets.

Drugs, money, phones

He had hard drugs hidden in his pants too. The money, drugs and several mobile phones were seized. The police handed the vehicle over to the Dutch Customs department.

The officers think the car’s owner had deliberately created the hidden space. It may use an electronic or magnetic unlocking mechanism. Customs will investigate whether this is the case. If so, the owner won’t get his car back.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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