Snow affects all modes of transport

snow, icy roads
The Netherlands is currently in the grip of a cold front. Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

Eindhoven is shrouded in a thick blanket of snow. It may be beautiful, but it makes life hard for people with mobility issues.

It can be quite a hindrance to getting out on the road if you depend on a cane or walker. Many cars are also affected by the extreme weather. Getting from A to B is not so simple during this cold snap.

That’s evident on the short stretch between the Kronenhoef care home and Woenselse Markt. There are many older people gingerly making their way through the snow and on the slippery road. “I have a walking stick,” says one lady, making a slippery detour.

‘Cane’s my best friend’

“And that’s my best friend right now”. Another elderly lady is dependent on a walker. She slowly makes her way to the supermarket. She’s not concerned about slipping, though. “Come on. We’re used to it. We lived through the war.”

The yellow ANWB (roadside assistance) van in the Tivoli neighbourhood is proof that cars are also having a hard time. They’ve stopped to help a resident whose car doesn’t want to start. The vehicle is heaving and spluttering, with smoke billowing out of its exhaust.

“With this snow and sleet, you get all kinds of defects,” the mechanic says. “It’s code red for us. We’re getting more call-outs for help than we can handle.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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