Rioters must pay for all the damage, says mayor

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The Municipality of Eindhoven is reporting every bit of vandalism caused by rioters on Sunday.

Mayor John Jorritsma announced this at Tuesday evening’s council meeting. “We want to reclaim every euro cent,” he says. As the world knows, on Sunday, rioters wreaked havoc in the city centre.

That was during an anti-corona measures demonstration that got out of hand. A lot of council property was destroyed too. These include cameras, bus shelters, digital information boards, and rubbish bins.


“This destruction will be included in the criminal trials that are, undoubtedly, on the cards for these troublemakers.” At the meeting, the Mayor once again expressed his horror at the riots. “Eindhoven wasn’t the city of hope, optimism and progress.”

“The events left people shocked, grief-stricken, and disgusted. The disbelief was greater than the havoc.” Yet Jorritsma is optimistic.

“All of this brings out the best in Eindhoven residents. These people helped clean up the mess. There are lawyers offering their services to those affected. Or like the piano at the station that’s being replaced.”

‘We’re resilient’

“These are dark days. But we are resilient. These rioters can’t take that away. We’ll continue to build a social city,” the mayor added.

Last night, Jorritsma announced an emergency ordinance for the entire city as well. It will remain in place until, at least, 9 February. “It’s painful, but I have no other choice in these turbulent times.”

Source: Studio040
Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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