New Year’s Eve was much quieter

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The New Year’s Eve fireworks ban seems to have worked.

Its aim – to relieve hospitals – seems to have been successful. New Year’s Even was considerably quieter than usual. This is according to a statement released by the South East Brabant Regional Safety Council.

Studio040 also made inquiries at various emergency services. In the statement, the Safety Council says, “The New Year was kicked off in the same way as the preceding COVID-19 months. Most people in the region complied with rules; a few didn’t.”

“We’re proud of the fact that most people have once again helped to get this virus under control. And, above all, not place more pressure on the hospitals. The firework ban worked, although there were several people with firework-related injuries admitted.”

Emergency services

The different emergency services also noticed it was quieter than usual on New Year’s Eve. They don’t know exactly how much of a difference there was. However, spokespeople for the fire brigade, the police, and Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven agree that it was a lot calmer.

“It’s a good start to 2021,” says Catharina’s press officer. There were no fireworks or alcohol-poisoning victims admitted. The fire service spokesman also calls it a significantly calmer New Year’s Eve than average. Unlike previous years, there was no aggression towards the fire brigade in the Eindhoven region.

The fire brigade was also called out much less. In Eindhoven (Woensel, Tongelre, and the city centre), the fire brigade took 28 calls. These were mainly for outdoor, car, and container fires; most likely caused by fireworks.

Car in the water

They only had four non-fire-related call-outs. For example, to help with the car that had driven into a channel in Blixembosch. This incident happened on Stiffelio road.

In the early hours of 1 January, someone reported a car accident. A car drove across a T-junction in Don Carlos street and hit a tree. It then went straight into the water.

The emergency services were mobilised en masse. Several fire trucks and a surface rescue team were deployed. The police, ambulance, and trauma helicopter were also called in.

Once at the scene, rescuers searched the car, but the driver was missing. The area and water were searched too, to no avail. The police are investigating the case.

Incident in Geldrop

In Nuenen and Waalre, the fire brigade has zero calls. In Geldrop-Mierlo, it was only two, both for fires. That included an outside fire in Reinoutlaan in Geldrop. There, a group of people had gathered.

When the police arrived to break the group up, the group grew rowdy. Several police officers, armed with batons, had to be deployed to contain the situation. One man was arrested.

The Son en Breugel fire department had only one fire that needed their attention.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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