Less ‘high-impact’ crime in 2020

Photo credit: Eindhoven Police/Studio040

In 2020, fewer serious crimes were committed in the Eindhoven region than in 2019.

These include burglaries, street robberies and robberies. This is according to research RTL News did into so-called High Impact Crimes. These are crimes that have a major effect on the victim’s sense of security and immediate surroundings.

In Eindhoven, the number of serious crimes has decreased. In 2019, 2.426 of these crimes were committed. Last year, there were 2.068.

In Geldrop, the number fell from 151 to 128, while in Mierlo they dropped from 79 to 50. The same is true for Waalre, Nuenen, and Son en Breugel. There, these crimes decreased from 67 to 53, 90 to 85, and 67 to 54, respectively.

Up in Valkenswaard

Valkenswaard is the exception. There more high-impact crimes were committed last year. The number rose from 150 to 162.

The fluctuation of these figures from place to place is still being investigated. But Jasper van der Kemp, a criminologist at the Free University of Amsterdam, has an idea. More people were working from home this year.

That’s thanks to the COVID-19 regulations. But this may vary from place to place. The number of offences may be lower in areas where more people are at home during the day.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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