Emergency services more attent to natural fires

The hot weather makes the risk natural fires real. Photo credit: Eindhoven News Media library

Plot owners, natural area managers, and the emergency services are on high alert. They’re watching out for natural fires during this heatwave.

Due to the persistent heat, the chance of a natural fire occurring has increased. That’s according to the South-East Brabant Regional Safety Organisation.

“In general, in natural areas with forest, heathland or grass, the risk of natural fires increases in dry weather. A natural fire can also develop very quickly and unpredictably in dry weather. Especially in strong winds”, spokesman, Leo Tegelaar, reports.

Alertness is, therefore, required. “Staatsbosbeheer (State Forest Management) is driving through the nature reserves as usual. The Fire Brigade Action Centre is also keeping a close eye on the outlying area”, Leo says.

Data-based risk assessment

“A natural fire’s risk is assessed on data from measuring stations in our neighbouring regions”, Tegelaar says. “These measuring stations look at various things. These include wood sample and air humidity, wind force and direction, and temperature.

“They consider the type of vegetation per area. And also, what influence that can have on the fire risk”. In the spring, the safety region had to deal with a major forest fire on the Deurnese Peel.

The fire raged there for several days. This area is about 35km for Eindhoven. But, the smoke was noticeable as far as Eindhoven.

However, that fire didn’t teach them anything concrete, says the spokesman. “We want to learn from every effort. Insights following the fire in the Deurnese Peel have yet to be revealed”.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven


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