Waste container contest

garbage bags
Photo Credit: Studio040

Tante Netty, a local social collective of artists and designers, organises a contest about the waste nuisance in Bennekel.

It’s not uncommon that garbage bags are placed next to already full containers. And if one bag is placed next to a container, more bags will follow soon.

To act on the waste nuisance, Tante Netty came up with a container contest. The neighbourhood is divided into two teams. Both teams need to prevent garbage bags from being placed next to containers. For each garbage bag placed next to a container, the corresponding team gets negative points. Both local residents and Tante Netty participate to score the points.

Mutual understanding

The creator of the initiative, Roos de Bruijn says: “I hope that this competition will lead to mutual understanding among neighbours and the awareness that they are jointly responsible for a clean neighbourhood”. Based on conversations with local residents, Tante Netty wants to investigate the reasons.

Earlier, the initiative was successfully launched in the Rochus neighbourhood of Eindhoven and also in a neighbourhood in Rotterdam. The initiative is supported by the Municipality of Eindhoven and Culture Eindhoven.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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  1. It’s a good idea but can we do the reassessment and start collecting waste twice a week instead of once a week, after all, we are paying a pretty good amount for waste collection.

    It’s really annoying that I went down check the waste container and if it’s full then gets back home with 2 bags of waste keep it in the storeroom or kitchen itself. for maybe 3 more days and then attempt the second chance to dump it again.


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