Brothers from Eindhoven arrested for drug trafficking, tens of thousands of euros found

Two brothers from Eindhoven and their accomplice were arrested for drug trafficking last Thursday. In addition, the police also seized various drugs, cars and a large amount of money: tens of thousands of euros.

The 27-year-old brothers were under investigation for several months. The police suspected that they were dealing in narcotics. The investigation also included the 20-year-old accomplice, who was selling drugs on Thursday evening under the watchful eye of the police.

After the henchman from Eindhoven finished his “work”, he was followed to his home and arrested there. The 20-year-old man was just counting money, several tens of thousands of euros, at the time when he was arrested. At the same time, the two brothers were arrested at their company space on Leenderweg.

Hidden spaces
The car in which they were transporting at that time was taken by the police. Hidden spaces were found in the vehicle that contained a large amount of uncut cocaine and an amount of hashish. In addition to this car, other cars that were used during the deal were also seized.

An expensive SUV and an amount of gold jewelry were also taken, asthe police suspect that these items were paid for with criminal money.

A total of four locations were searched; the company of the brothers and the homes of the three suspects. Investigations were also being conducted in two other places because the suspects had safes there. Tens of thousands of euros were found in the vaults. Money that is probably earned from drug trafficking. In addition, ammunition for automatic firearms was also found.

The three men remain detained for further investigation.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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