Natlab forced to fire part of its staff

Photo Credit: Natlab/Studio040

Due to the corona crisis, Natlab in Eindhoven had to say goodbye to a number of employees in order to avoid that the survival would be endangered by the “new normal”.

“We are not bankrupt and I do not expect that to happen. But if we don’t cut fixed costs now, the situation would eventually become unsustainable. With a maximum of 8 to 40 people in a cinema, it is difficult to be profitable,” says a spokesperson for Natlab.

Like other cinemas, Natlab had a hard time, as costs continued but revenues failed to materialise. Therefore, before the reopening, alternative ways of making money, such as projecting films on squares, were being sought, but this could not be continued because both safety and health could not be guaranteed.

The Eindhoven film house decided to focus on the reopening to recover lost income in this way. We are still trying to organise an outdoor film, so that we can receive 100 visitors instead of 30 visitors on an evening in July and August. Those are the ways to get over it. But this must be safe and we will have that conversation with knowledgeable organisations.”

Another alternative, asking the municipality for help, is not yet an option.”We are now getting help, but in the long term we must be able to bear the burden ourselves. Therefore, the choice to say goodbye to colleagues now,” said the spokesperson.

Open later
Natlab’s goal was to reopen its doors on June 1, but because of the transition to a new online ticket sales system (which now allows cardholders to buy tickets online instead of just booking over the phone) and the layoffs, the decision has been made to reopen on June 4 .

“We can’t do it to our team to say goodbye on Friday and receive people with a smile on Monday for the first time in months. That is why a few extra days to prepare us are very convenient.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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