Woman strangled with scarf

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Photo: Politie Eindhoven/Studio040

A woman was found deceased in February in a Mierlo holiday park. It’s now been revealed that a 38-year-old vagrant strangled her to death with a scarf.

That’s according to the justice department, a local media newspaper, ED, reports. According to them, it’s still unclear whether this was done intentionally and so, can be classified as murder.

The ED writes that the suspect’s lawyer disagrees with the Public Prosecutor’s statements. During a procedural hearing, he said he suspects the man of taking the woman’s life, with or without premeditation. The man’s lawyer criticised the prosecution. According to her, the Public Prosecutor’s Office acted incorrectly. For example, the man was first arrested and then only was a case built.

‘Not so’

According to the ED, the Public Prosecutor says this wasn’t the case. The day after the woman was killed, the suspect tried to sell her phone and withdraw money with her debit card. The suspect’s DNA was also found on the woman’s scarf.

The cottage, where the murder occurred, is located on Bospark ‘t Wolfsven. Roompot Vakantieparken owns it. The police did an extensive examination of the house and surrounds. During the investigation, they zeroed in on two suspects. They had the victim’s belongings. In the end, the police focused on the 38-year-old man from Helmond.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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