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Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Eindhoven News 10 years anniversary
fines for group gatherings in cafe Woensel

Brothers from Eindhoven arrested for drug trafficking, tens of thousands of euros found

Two brothers from Eindhoven and their accomplice were arrested for drug trafficking last Thursday. In addition, the police also seized various drugs, cars and...
fines for group gatherings in cafe Woensel

Police looks for witnesses to armed robbery in Geldrop

The police are looking for witnesses who know more about an armed robbery that took place on Winde in Geldrop during the night from...
crime, police

Woman strangled with scarf

A woman was found deceased in February in a Mierlo holiday park. It's now been revealed that a 38-year-old vagrant strangled her to death...
Fire in Florapark, residents rescued, Fire under control

Car fire in Woensel on Saturday night

A car went up in flames in the night from Saturday to Sunday at Dasstraat in Eindhoven. The fire brigade was alerted around 4:15 that...
Fire in Florapark, residents rescued, Fire under control

Fire in apartment Strijp-S

A fire started during work in an apartment on Ir Kalffstraat in Strijp-S on Sunday afternoon. Nobody was injured. During the work, cover plates of...
violent crime, police

‘Drug-linked violent crime must stop’

The police and justice department have noticed a link between some serious crimes in the Eindhoven area. "Drug syndicates are doing violent battle with...
Light rail network

Train hits a deer, passengers evacuated

A minor incident occurred when a train on its way to Best collided with a deer. The incident occurred around a 23:15 on Thursday....

Fire Brigade removes burning trailer from shed

At an industrial estate on Luchthavenweg in Eindhoven, the Fire Brigade had to break open a shed to take out a burning trailer. The fire...
homeless people

More reports of nuisance by homeless people

There are more reported cases of nuisance caused by homeless people in Eindhoven. In 2019 there were 77 reports, compared to 98 reports in...

Dormer on fire during operations

A fire broke out yesterday afternoon on a new dormer window on Nancylaan in Woensel-Noord. A company was installing the dormer when the fire started....

#CoronaChronicles – Why so many cases in the Netherlands?

My 7-year-old intently looked into my eyes and asked "mama, why are there so many corona cases in our country? Isn't our healthcare system...