Eindhoven resident Bamenga on list for national elections

Mpanzu Bamenga in national politics
Photo credit: Studio040

Former Eindhoven municipal councilor, Mpanzu Bamenga, is in sixth place on the D66 candidate list for the Dutch House of Representatives elections (Tweede Kamer).

Mpanzu gained national fame because he filed – and won – a lawsuit against the Royal Military Police, alleging ethnic profiling. He was also a municipal councillor in Eindhoven from 2014 to 2022. In 2016 he won the title of Talent of the Year.

The chance that Bamenga will now make an appearance in the House of Representatives is considerable, the chance that D66 will win more than six seats in the elections seems very high. Bamenga says he is happy with his place on the D66 list.

‘Dream come true’

“When I was young, my brother, mother and I did not have a residence permit for 13 years. You are in the Netherlands, but you are not allowed to be there. Today I was told that I am a candidate member of parliament for D66. That contrast is great, and the opportunity to become a member of parliament is an honourable one. It shows that your dreams can come true in the Netherlands,” Bamenga said in a response.

Not definitive

The location of Bamenga has not yet been finalized. The D66 members must determine the final list by vote. Other local politicians like De Kort, Torunoglu, De Bruijn en Memis are also on candidate lists for the House of Representatives elections. However, Bamenga seems to have the best credentials to get a seat.

Source: www.studio040
Translated: Yawar Abbas

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