Beach volleyball court Woensel-West opens

Woensel-West gets its own beach volleyball court

The beach volleyball court in front of the former Philips office in Woensel-West has finally opened this week. The authorities wanted to open it three weeks ago, but persistent rainy weather delayed the opening. The idea is for local residents and the students who will move into the monumental VB building in September to play sports together.

They hope for a long summer, as it was quite difficult to get the beach volleyball court ready. “We have had rainy weeks and then no one goes to play beach volleyball. It also meant we couldn’t get the field ready. Fortunately, we were able to get the two courts ready last week and it is now possible to play beach volleyball,” explains municipal sports director Danny Nooijen.

The two courts will allow local residents to play sports together with the students who will move into the VB building. “The students will be there starting in September and then we also expect there to be some more sports. For now, it’s just free beach volleyball and on Sunday mornings there will be a tournament.”

“It’s special sand in large amounts so it should last for a while. Rain and wind will not blow it away,” explained municipality sports director Danny Nooijen.


The goal is not only to get students involved in the neighborhood, but also to get local residents to exercise in outdoors. And it won’t just stop at beach volleyball. “There will also be a sports container with CrossFit equipment. They can then alternate this with beach volleyball or do it during break time. You can think of it as a kind of boot camp.”

The beach volleyball courts will not remain permanently, according to Nooijen. “The ground belongs to the contractor, of course, and if they need the piece for another purpose, unfortunately, it has to go. Besides, students also only stay here for a few years, so that is also our aim.”

The idea is that a game of beach volleyball can also be played in the winter soon.

Source: Studio040

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