Jong PSV gives recently promoted PEC a beating

PSV resumes Training
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Young PSV achieved a good result in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie (KKD) on Tuesday evening. Adil Ramzi’s team won 3-1 against recently promoted PEC Zwolle.

Jong PSV started with Emmanuel van de Blaak in the centre of defense. Fodé Fofana, who had recovered from an injury, also made an appearance as the striker. As a result, Jason van Duiven – in good shape – came to play on the right flank. At PEC Zwolle, former PSV player Ryan Thomas was in the base.

PEC had not brought any supporters. PEC supporters had misbehaved against FC Eindhoven and were therefore not welcome at the Herdgang.

Head Start

Van Duiven also managed to be productive from the wing. After more than half an hour of play, captain Tielemans sent a nice pass through the Zwolle defence, after which Van Duiven placed the ball behind goalkeeper PEC Zwolle.

Jong PSV was unable to hold on to the lead. Even before the break, Jenson Seelt, unfortunately, worked a Van Hintum cross behind his goalkeeper Roy Steur: 1-1.

The tie at the start of the second half was a good reflection of the balance of power on the field. PEC hit the aluminium several times during the match, while goalkeeper Steur also had to intervene several times.

First goal

Yet it was Jong PSV who quickly took the lead again in the second half. Jason van Duiven scored a cross this time. In the penalty area, the attacker cleverly put back on the emerging right-back Comenencia, who convincingly shot his first KKD goal into the net.


PEC then went on the hunt for the equaliser but failed to make it 2-2. The other side was more successful. Colyn got the ball from Nassoh, cleverly evaded the PEC player and outwitted the PEC goalkeeper for the third time in the far corner: 3-1.

PEC is second in the KKD on goal difference due to the loss. Young PSV is fourteenth

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Ayşenur Kuran

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