Veldhoven city council reprimanded after deleting audio recording

Veldhoven city council reprimanded over removing audio recording
Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

The Veldhoven city council has been reprimanded by district court Oost-Brabant for deleting an audio recording of a council meeting.

The woman filed a WOO (open government act, ed.) request I  in an attempt to still find out what had been said. Although the Veldhoven city council refused the WOO request, some of the requested documents were still made public. This happened after the woman objected to the decision.

The Oost-Brabant district court let it be known that the municipal council was allowed to refuse the woman’s Woo request. After all, the content of such a meeting must be confidential, the court said. Removing an audio recording of the meeting, however, was not lawful.

Audio recording
Moreover, the audio recording was removed only after the woman made the request for disclosure. In fact, when such a request is made, the administrative body has the duty to fully preserve documents to which the request relates.

However, the ruling does not affect the Veldhoven city council, because the audio has now been removed, and cannot be provided again.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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