Regional safety and crisis department remains on TU/e campus

Safety Region on TU/e campus
Photo credit: Bart van Overbeeke/Studio040

The plans for a new location on the TU/e campus for Veiligheidsregio (safety region) Brabant-Zuidoost (south east Brabant, VRBZO) have not been approved. 

So for now, Veiligheidsregio VRBZO* will remain in the Fenix building on the TU/e campus, Cursor, the university’s news website, reports. The new building for the fire and crisis management organisation was to come next to the Acoustic Lab, from where the fire department could quickly drive up Dorgelolaan, the idea was to be able to turn out faster.

Fear of nuisance
However, plans for a new location were not approved. “The Campus 2030 steering committee ultimately did not approve the new building because of a combination of factors”, Campus Manager Safety & Security, Gijs Spiele, says.

“Among other things, the expected nuisance of vibrations and noise at the research sites on campus, especially at building Echo that houses the Acoustic Lab played a role in this, as did possible future developments on the campus”.

New plan
VRBZO will now have to find another location, expected to be near Berenkuil. “But it will be several years before the permits for a new plan are finalised”, he said. For now, they will remain on the campus for a while.

TU/e fire department
By the way, the safety region’s fire station is not the only fire department on the campus; in fact, the university itself also has a fire crew on the premises. It too is now located in the Fenix building, but will eventually move within the campus. “Real Estate (the university’s real estate department, ed.) is looking for a suitable location on our campus for a new fire station for TU/e’s own fire department”, TU/e fire chief Eric van der Heijden said.

* Ed. ~ VRBZO is an organisation in which the fire brigade and GHOR (medical assistance organisation in the region) work together to prevent, contain and respond to incidents and disasters. VRBZO has existed as an organisation since January 2007. The organisation serves 21 municipalities with a combined population of over 720,000. They work together to create a safer living environment for people living or staying in the Southeast Brabant region. If necessary, they offer professional help. VRBZO is the binding party for all partners within the extensive playing field of disaster and crisis management.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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